End of Holidays Party (4/6/2016)

May half term was all but over and the kids wanted to do something so I thought lets have a “Last Party before the Summer Parties Party”

I am not one for going out because of the way I am, so anything I can organise in my comfort zone with friends and family is perfect.

So a bouncy castle was booked through Partytime Inflatables , bbq food was bought and our friends were invited.


We set out with the intention of making it a Fun Day, having different stations around the garden with various outdoor toys at them to play with. Although we had skipping ropes, hula hoops in all different sizes, bubbles, bats and balls, rounders set and outdoor tents, the kids seemed far more interested in the Minecraft bouncy castle with slide.


We had a lovely day and the kids enjoyed every minite. It didn’t go without incident, there was the run of the mill I have hurt this, that and the other on the bouncy castle but the weather held out.

Open fire BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, chicken and sausages…..we ate well.

By the time the castle went we had a mass of sleepy children who we sent off to bed.

Us adults finished off the day with a nice glass of wine in the hot tub.

Happy children = Happy Parents x

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