Libby’s 1st Hospital Adventure

Being a Mummy to two children with Gorlin’s Syndrome was always going to come with great responsibility and certainly pull on the heart strings. Nothing more so than the discovery of the first BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma) on my older daughter.


After a consultation with our Plastic Surgeon and an add to the operating waiting list, we got a date through, the day after her 6th birthday. She was so excited to be having her first operation.

At such a young age so many of life’s trials and tribulations can be touched upon in a light hearted manner. Bowling in all doom and gloom doesn’t bode well and if I can make an adventure out of these things then I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t.

The hospital adventure had begun…..

On the morning we turned up at silly o’clock, met the anaesthetist, the senior house officer and then our Plastic Surgeon, (I can’t emphasise enough the trust I have in this man, he has looked after me for at least 15 years and I couldn’t ever imagine trusting anybody else with my babies). Then it was time to gown up. The moving down to theatre was a blur, the anaesthetic was administered and she happily drifted off too sleep…….

The next 45 mins was by far the longest I have experienced since she was born, but finally the call came and off we went to collect lil miss from theatre. She was in pain, drowsy and crying.


It takes all your strength not too join them in bits but after having some juice and toast, the cannula, which was causing all her pain was removed and we were on our way home to see Daddy before he went to work.

I was more than impressed with her tiny wound, it was in the nape of her neck and therefore perfectly place for scarring. The stitches were soluble and after only a few weeks they had come away and a neat scar was left.


That brings me too today, its been a long couple of months waiting for the Histology results to come through. Finally the other day I had a letter to say they were in and could I call the Dr’s to get them.

Now, deep down we knew it was a BCC, but there was still that hope that it wasn’t. Upon looking at it the doctors said they were 50% either way on whether it was a BCC or not. They would remove it , if it wasn’t a BCC then they wouldn’t be so hasty taking any further growths, if it was then it would be a priority in future.

Having had over 170 removed myself I didn’t want it to start at such an early age for the girls.

So the phone rang and the Dr asked how he could help, I explained and he obliged. Like I say I was expecting the news that indeed it was a BCC, but that still doesn’t prepare you for the blow to the stomach that actually hearing it causes. I could feel the tears welling up, the lump in my throat and that gut wrenching pain only bad news can cause. Could hear myself thinking “suck it up, where is your strength, pull it together”….

Yeah the girls have Gorlin’s and yes they are going to get growths. Sooner than I would ever imagined but that is OK. As their Mum I have been there, I have done this and I will do many times more. I know what they have to go through and I can prepare them for that my way. As long as it can be an adventure for them then that is what it will be……

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