What is a BCC? (In my words)

So I have read through my posts and have noticed that I mention the BCC’s an awful lot but as yet not really defined what they are.

A Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) is a form of skin cancer. (They can also be known as Rodent Ulcers)

The growth, or cancer if you prefer, grows from cells deep in and around the hair folicles. Most commonly it will appear in the areas that the sun sees the most of such as the face, head, neck, eyes and nose.  But basal cell skin cancer can develop on your back or lower legs. In fact, in the case of us Gorlins patients it can appear anywhere it feels like. In none Gorlins patients it is more likely to be found in people of middle or old age.

Two of the most common questions I get asked is, “What do they look like?” and “Does this look suspicious to you?”


(Formal, cover myself statement made, sorry for getting all shouty)

Typically, the growths start out looking like a small spot/skintag.


As time goes on the skin breaks down in the middle of it (Ulcerating) leaving a scab. If allowed to grow the growth will start to look like a mini volcano.


As the skin in the middle breaks down the growth widens in area and expands. This can happen quite rapidly.  It is extremely rare for a BCC to expand an cause a secondary cancer as we have such excellent care that they are picked up on a long time before it would get to that stage.

I have had BCC’s that have laid under the skin and presented as Rosatia, I have had ones that have been dark patches of kin with a halo and I have had them in places a doctor would never imagine you would get them.

I look in that bathroom mirror everyday dreading seeing another, i brush my hair everyday with the fear of knocking the head off one that is possibly lying in hiding, Mark lies next to me in bed and dreads finding one I can’t see but most of all every little blemish that we find on the girls gets inspected to witin an inch of it’s life.

There are several “sub categories” of growths and below is a link for you too follow if you would like to know and see more. I have also included a link so you can have a look at pictures of how they can appear.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Cancer Reaserch Basal Cell Carcinoma Information


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