Our Gorlin’s Family Tree

In August 2004, my Dad’s cousin hosted a family reunion in South Queensferry, Scotland.

Her passion for many months had be researching the family tree. A natural step from that was a reunion.

It was a great weekend, spending time with family I hold close and meeting new members that I never knew existed.


(Four generations, Regan, My Dad, Nana and Me…..Sadly Dad and Nana are no longer here..)

We did meet again the following year and again two years later but since then unfortunately there has never been another one.

I digress, the Genealogy thing (that’s where I was heading with it), well my Mum got interested in it and decided to trace her family tree.

She was astounded by how much information is out there to be found. (Me too to be honest)

After a few days she had managed to trace back several generations, but was missing the odd link. It would seem that her side of the family had many popular first names making them hard to trace.  A lot of digging brought back interesting results, revealing so much including the news that two of our ancestors have named war graves on the continent. (I will ask her nicely to do a guest post one day  and tell you all about it)

Anyway, Gorlin’s, In looking at the tree she unveiled what side of the family the gene came from and also managed to trace it back to my Great Great Grandmother.


(Phoebe Ann Hardy)

We obviously know that the girls have it, we know I have it, Mum and her brother have it, then we know Nana had it. So it then had to be traced to either my great grandma or great granddad.


4296_199364240715_6302574_n 525964_10150715710874531_1356714887_n

(Libby, Penny, My Mum and I and my Nana and Grandad)

We also knew that my Grandmothers cousin had the gene meaning that her aunty must have had the gene. This meant that the gene came from her grandfather as he had a sister.


(My Great Grandfather Stan)

So that took it back to my Great Great Grandparents. Turns out, (upon sourcing their death certificates) that Phoebe, my Great Great Grandma, had on her death certificate as part B, that the second cause of death was Rodent Ulcers.


That’s as far back as managed to trace the Gorlins Gene but how fascinating to be able to pinpoint the line so quickly and accurately…..

I have to say the sites that are out there to help us do this research are amazing. I had a go at tracing my husbands family name, and I managed to track it as far back as America in the late 1800’s.  Apparently there is a large concentration of his descendants in Salt Lake City.

If you haven’t had a look I would highly recommend it, even if it’s just to trace one or two people.

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