A trip of contemplation….

A much needed trip this morning. So I could clear my head ready for the next post I am going to write.

Why you may ask, well it will enable me to make my mind up on what direction I take with the medication suggested the other day.

Sun was shining, so a trip to the beach was called for.


We went nice and early as I can not bear crowds of people. I am one of these sad people who go on a rainy day just so that I dont have to bump in to anyone else.

As it is I was really chilled out. If I am not panicking over crowds then I am there and wanting to come away. Today, I couldn’t have cared less (now this may have had something to do with the Inositol I have started taking, what is this you may ask?…Well give this a read …Sophie Vaughan Blog….see what you think, so far so good here, I feel a heap more calm)

This isn’t a wordy post, simply pictures of us…..

beach 1 beach

Generic “We were here writing” 🙂

beach 2

My ugly mug 🙂


We have air between the feet and the ground!


Sand Castle’s 🙂

 beach 6beach 7

beach 3beach 9

A crab shell, my find, although the kids weren’t impressed 🙁

beach 15

Rock collecting ……

13835752_10157163299980716_197314450_o 13735348_10157163300390716_221556310_n 13728387_10157163299665716_689345209_o

Just having fun…..I love this lot…..x

13718136_10157163299275716_32717779_o beach14

beach11 beach 10

beach 5

Oh, in case you were going to ask, my head is clear xxxx


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2 thoughts on “A trip of contemplation….

  1. Hi Caroline, I loved this blog post! I’m so pleased to hear that you’re getting a little relief with inositol. Your pictures are fab and looks like you all had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing your experience and including a mention of my post I appreciate it 🙂 I hope you continue to feel an improvement with it! 🙂 Sophie xox

    • Hi sophie, there are a few of us that bought some after your post and I have to say I am impressed. You are welcome. I am only two days in but already something feels different, can’t quite put my finger on it as yet but hopefully by the time the four weeks is up I will know exactly what has changed. Thank you for sharing 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx

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