How lucky are we?

how lucky4

Approaching 6000 hits and not having a car I thought I would go for a wander with the kids. (Contemplate how to get the hits up and also how to catch a few Pokemon while I was wandering)

It’s upon gettin in the park (which is quite literally two mins away) that I remember how lucky we are to live where we do.

how lucky

Being so close to Durham but still being rural is a fantastic thing.

Country living with City life just around the corner.

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Before we moved here a trip in to Durham was a day out. We lived in a very large town and jumping on the bus to go and have lumch with Mum in Durham was an expidition. We always looked longingly at the Cathdral and said one day it would be lovely to live near this and be able to call this the place that call home.

So when we got the house where we are we were over the moon to see how close we actually were.

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The novelty of the Cathedral and Castle soon wheres off though and that is such a shame. We take things for granted all too easily, it is our local shopping place and night out spot, but we shouldn’t take it for granted.


I often see tourist (100’s at the minute) wandering around taking pictures of the sites, selfie sticks towards the landmarks and hundreds of click clicks in and around the market place.

We are so very lucky to live in Durham.

how lucky9

Lesson to be learned is too never take anything for granted.

We however live in a lovely little village, with a lovely park, which the kids adore, along with the chance to take advantage of all a city can offer…. here are some snap shots 🙂 xxxx

how lucky1 how lucky2

how lucky3 how lucky5

Don’t ask how I got roped in too playing football….needless to say I was utter rubbish and only managed to get the ball on target once.

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