LionMouth Rural Centre Tea Rooms

This is a post I have wanted to make for a while but due to one thing and another we got delayed in paying them a visit. However, when we did we were not disappointed.

We had heard many good things about the LionMouth Centre and when one of the local bridges shut, they lost a lot of business, as the road you would use to access it became one way, we were even more determined to visit.


The LionMouth Centre is located just off the B6302, after Ushaw Moor and before Esh Winning. They are a Community Interest Company and offer support to people across the area with Mental Health problems, Learning Difficulties and other conditions.

Upon Arriving we had a look round the Garden Centre section. There are some lovely little plants to be bought and it is all the more satisfying looking at what they have to offer as you are aware you are helping a community project. The Centre is buzzing with people all at work and taking great satisfaction in what they are doing.

Penny was admiring the chickens as one of the gentleman was feeding them. He offered to let her have a go but she went shy and said no thank you.

Then we went in the tea rooms. First, we went in the wrong door and walked in on a lunch making session (may I add the smell was amazing) with some of their workers but they were fantastic and pointed us in the right direction.

The tea room itself is quaint, pretty and very easy on the eye. The girls said it was like going to your own tea party with all the things that were on the wall and around the room.


We were welcomed and invited to take a seat. The girls were fascinated.

The Menu is small but more than big enough.

Libby was very keen to have a Children’s Afternoon Tea, and as that is what Libby wanted then Penny had to have the same. They were given a choice of what sandwich they would like (Cheese, Ham or Jam), a choice of Jelly or Yoghurt and a choice of Orange or Blackcurrant Juice.

Mark and I both ordered a Panini. He had Coffee (which might I add he was over the moon with as it was Coffee, not fancy Italian varieties) and I had juice.

So this is what the girls were presented with …..


Along with this the juice they had chosen came in a teapot each for them and also an ornate cup and saucer.

They were in their element, especially Libby who was loving that she got to pour her own “Tea”.

lionmouth4 lionmouth5

On the stand they had a sandwich cut in to four triangles, a box of raisins, a jelly, a cupcake, crisps and a bag of Haribo. More than worth the £3.50 price tag.


I didn’t manage to get any pictures of out Paninis but they were very generous in portion size. Mark had Cheese and Ham and I had Brie and Bacon. Both came with a side salad and a choice of crisps.

The total bill was £16.00, which I am sure you will agree is incredibly reasonable for what we had.

All the cakes and bakes are baked on site, very little from what I could see was shipped in. The smell of home baking when you walked in was immense.

The homely feel, the sense of family and the friendly staff and community workers, even the Springer Spaniel that was wandering around outside, all make the Centre very welcoming and I would urge anybody to pay them a visit.

Thank you for having us….we wil be back 🙂


P.S. I have read with interest that Ghostly Locations are going to be holding a Ghost Hunt in the Centre on the 26th of August 2016, for more information please have a look a Ghostly Locations, Paranormal Investigations.

Should you wish to learn more or visit LionMouth Rural Centre you can learn more here:


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