Gobbledegook Dilemma

waffle alert


The postman brought me two letters yesterday…..

One from The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and the other from The University Hospital of North Durham.

It seems the only rational way to reason the contents of the letters is by putting it down in writing and having a good old waffle to you.

The first one, from The Freeman was from the registrar that I have been speaking to in regards the Erivedge treatment. It was my copy of the letter that had been sent to both my GP and also my Plastic Surgeon. It laid out the exact chain of events that had occured with her and ended by saying I was going back in a few weeks to commence the treatment.

The second letter was from the Appointments Officer for Plastics at University Hospital of North Durham with an appointment for a pre operative assessment and a date for my next surgery.


Now thats all well and good you may think but one of the conditions of my taking the Erivedge is that I can not have surgery for 6 – 9 months. Currently, I have at least five BCC’s which are larger than I like them to be and quite frankly I want rid of them, well that is how my mind is set up to work, find a BCC have it chopped off……Brutal way to put it but that is the upshot of it.

I phoned UHND a few weeks ago and asked about likely surgical dates and I was told October so when the appointment turned up yesterday I was a little taken a back.

For all my mind was clear on where I wanted to go with the Erivedge, I now have a serious niggle at the back of my mind. Here I have the option to get rid of my current ones in a few weeks, go through Surgery and be laid up for a week or take the Medication and potentially still have to have this surgery of surgery of some kind to remove the same growths in 6 -9 months time, all the time having to go through the possible side effects that it may bring.

(I hope this is making sense to you, I am writing as I think so sometimes it is a bit gobbledegook.)


So here I am yet again in decision making land….let me make this clear…I really do not like decision making land.

What I need to do in the next couple of days is to give UHND a call and see if I can arrange a clinic appointment with my surgeon sooner rather than later.

His opinion on the matter needs to be gained but also what I need to do is realistically assess how many BCC’s I currently have. I need the full count to be able to aid any decisions. I know I have one on my back, one on my shoulder, one in my eyebrow, two small facial ones and then there is my head.

I know I have scalp ones but the only way to truly assess how many and where is by shaving the whole lot off. I keep threatening it and keep getting talked out of it, or being told it is very drastic and I agree, yes it probably is. However, I do like having a shaved head, keeping an eye on growths is so much easier, and currently, looking in the mirror trying to cover bald patches up everyday is more soul destroying than having to shave it all off. I hate the way my bald patches shine through and yes, you will still be able to see them, and yes I will have indents in my head that will look odd, which will attract stares but people who truly want to know my story will ask. The chances are very high also that if I start the Erivedge that I will lose my hair, maybe no totally but it will fall out. What would be more disturbing pulling out a handful of hair or leaving a few whiskers on your pillow?


Awwwwww I don’t know ….I hate being in limbo….it consumes me and drains me. I wish there was someone who could wave a magic wand and tell me the path I should take….alas there isn’t so I have to go on instinct….

Anyway….if you have read this….thank you…..if I have left you feeling in Limbo….sorry….there is always someone worse off than yourself and in the grand scheme of things, my issues are tiny in the woes of the world, for the most I just get on with it but this one decision has got me on the fence again…. *sigh*



Competition Time **UPDATE**



Thank you to everyone that entered, the winner was chosen at random this morning using “Tweetdraw”.

The winner is Tony Ramos.



Oooooh to say I am excited to be given the opportunity to offer you this competition is an understatement….

We love anything cartoon in this house as you will have seen from my earlier posts. Mark and I however love to get the kids involved in timeless classics as well and Scooby Doo falls in to that category…

My first blog competition comes courtesy of Fetch Dynamic Ltd.

Entry is simple……

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Big Luke’s for Lunch


Being invited to do a review is lovely and when the whole family were invited along for the ride a day out was in order.

Big Luke’s at Intu MetroCentre invited us along to see what we made of their Menu. Of course I accepted and so a day trip was planned. ( I needed an excuse to go holiday shopping and this was an ideal opportunity to do so)

Big Luke’s is located in the Lower Yellow Mall in the Intu MetroCentre, opposite to McDonald’s and next to Namco. They are an all you can eat restaurant, serving a wide variety of dishes, catering to most peoples preferences. The Menu covers everything from Italian, American, Indian and Chinese, some true family favourites.

             BeFunky Collage

Mark and I love nothing more than a good feast but we find it hard to cover the tastes and preferences of the girls if we go out anywhere. Libby is very fussy on what she has to eat and will vary between only a few things, generally chicken nuggets, she won’t touch pasta, rice, cous cous, noodles, honestly the list of what she will eat is small. Penny, will not touch anything that Libby eats, with the exception of Sausage Rolls. She likes plain pasta, rice and cous cous. When it comes to a day out it generally ends up being Greggs on the run.

Reading the last paragraph, you will understand that to us, Big Luke’s is an opportunity for us to be able to sit down and eat as a family as they offer food we all could eat. (They also do an all you can eat breakfast which is served until 11.30 am, for £6.99 for Adults and the Children eat free)



Upon arrival the staff were very welcoming, we were seen too by two different members of staff that were both very polite, the Manager came and seated us on a more than ample table for all five us. She was lovely and explained in detail how everything worked. She showed us where the crockery was, and got us some glasses for our unlimited soft drinks.


Mark and Regan set of on a mission to fill a plate each.


Regan returning with a mixture of Vegetables and Mashed Potato. Mark took advantage of the very dashing looking Salad Bar and topped it off with Grilled Beefburgers.


The Girls were up next and predictably, Libby had Chips and a Burger in a Bun, while Penny had Pasta, Rice, Sausage and Chips.






I filled my plate with Chips, Rice, Fajita Chicken, Tortillas, Vegetable Noodles and some Salad.

I am super impressed with how fresh everything is and the kitchen is open so you can see what is being cooked and brought out. The front of house staff were constantly on watch for empty food stations and within minutes it would be topped up again.

Mark returned to the stations and came back with Chips and Gravy and Regan returned a few times each time coming back with something different.

Included in the price, for both kids and Adults, is dessert. There is a choice of Ice Creams, with Strawberry and Chocolate Sauces, Sprinkles and Wafers. Also there is Gateaux and Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake with Custard if you wish.



So needless to say the Girls and Regan saved some space. Strawberry Ice Cream with Sprinkles and Strawberry Sauce along with a wedge of Chocolate Cake to go with it. As you can see from the pictures these went down very well.

IMG_20160812_123602 IMG_20160812_124030

We finished up and paid a visit to the little girls room, which was spotless, said our goodbyes and went on a hunt for holiday bits and bobs.


I would highly recommend a visit to Big Luke’s. They are reasonably priced, relaxed, the food is lovely and fresh, it is perfect for what we look for in a family restaurant and would recommend that anybody gives it a try. We will certainly be returning, not one of us came away with a complaint.

Thank you for having us, see you next time…..