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In this life we have a tendency to take things for granted a little to often. It isn’t something we do deliberately or something that we even realise we do a lot of the time but it is something we all do.

Reality checks happen when something that is put before you, somewhere you are or people that you meet bring you back down to earth with a bang and at that point you hate yourself for not realising that you are so lucky to be, have, or do what you do.

Listen to me all philosophical but its true.

We have hurdles in life that we overcome and we stop for a minute and take in the what’s happening but it soon becomes history.

life hurdles

My situation has caused many, small and large, so many I won’t go in to, but this is a post where I say take in every moment and never take anything for granted.

Before we moved to Durham we lived about 30 minutes away. A trip to Durham was a treat and we dreamed of living in Durham. Never for one second did I think I would be lucky enough to have Durham as my local shopping centre.

The sights of Durham soon became something we took for granted. I can honestly say in the four years we have lived here I have been to The Cathedral once, that is until the other week when we went to The Cellar Door for the most amazing meal.


We had time to spare and as we were on the way up the hill for our meal we decided to climb to the top and have a brief visit to Durham Cathedral.


I was astounded to discover that Mark has never actually been up to The Cathedral, let alone ever been inside.

For me the place is incredibly special, I find the history, the appearance and the sheer beauty of the place amazing. I am moved to tears the minute I walk through the doors, always have been and always will be.


The windows, the ceilings, the size, the grounds, all of them contribute to a place of outstanding beauty. Mark was more taken a back by it than I thought he would be. We only got to spend ten minutes in and around but have vowed to go back again very soon. (Rest assured when we do you will know all about it)


Moral of the story, take those things around you in, visit places on your doorstep, we tend to avoid theses places as they are close to home and we want venture further afield. Never ever take anything for granted because your everyday life can be fascinating to other people…..


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2 thoughts on “Thought of the day….

  1. I agree with your sentiments. People often desire to escape to the sun for holidays etc. or think a day out should be miles away and miss the beauty of their local area or closer places. My thoughts are that a travel adventure can be just half an hour down the road but even I’m guilty at times. I recently visited Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland which is only 2hours way from home. I thought ‘why have I not been here before now??’ ?

    • Hi June,
      Thank you for your comment, It is so true. My Dad used to own a caravan which was 30 mins away and going there was like be a thousand miles away from home. We have just come back from Cockenzie (Haven Seton Sands), two and a half hours away and heaven to be away. We are so lucky to have so many places in the UK that are worth a visit xxxxx

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