The Big Chop …… Thank YOU!

This post is to say a massive Thank You to all of you.

On the 28th of November 2016, courtesy of Toni and Guy in Durham Libby had The Big Chop and has so far raised £760 for The Toma Fund. (I say so far as there is still approximately £100 to come in). This would not have been possible without all of you.

If, you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about then you can read more over at The Big Chop post.

This huge total would not have been possible without the support of YOU! Whether you donated or bought raffle tickets your donations will all be used to help make boys and girls with cancer in the North of England smile and that is exactly what Libby wants.

I must give a mention to Toni and Guy in Durham. You were amazing and Libby loved every minute of the attention you paid to her. She loves her hair and without you this would not have been possible.

Thank you also to the companies and people that donated prizes to the raffle. These were Brian Moore @ Metro Radio, Newcastle Greyhound Stadium, Sunderland Greyhound Stadium, Begu Tea, Sharron Bates Design, Arriva, Tanfield Railway, Anne King NJT, Sweet Evangelines, Chiquito, tombola, Lickety Split, 3M and Babsyliz Creations.

Then there is the lovely people that collected sponsorship for us, Fiona, Lillian and Diane…THANK YOU so much.

So this is what happened on the day….(and a couple of days before)….

On the days leading up to The Big Chop, Libby and Mark were very lucky to go up and meet the very lovely Brian Moore at Metro Radio and have a tour around the studios. Libby was over the moon to have the opportunity to meet the man himself and I have not heard the end of it since.

On the 28th we arrived at Toni and Guy early, my fabulous Aunty and Cousin came along to support Libby and to take some photos for us. To say Libby was excited was an understatement.

We went in and were welcomed by The Team who were all fabulous, in our time in the salon Libby raised more sponsorship and for that we also say thank you.

The event was broadcast live on Facebook by both myself and my cousin Emily and is over on The MaryLou Saga Facebook page for all to see.

Everyone was so attentive and caring and Libby was only to happy to tell people what an amazing thing she was doing.

She was pampered and lovingly styled and the end result is amazing.

So as the hair is winging its way to The Little Princess Trust and the last of the Sponsorship money comes in I leave you with some photos from the day and a massive THANK YOU and a pat on the back to you all for helping not only Libby but to raise money for such a well deserving charity.


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