Belated Birthday Treats….

When Mark and I visited Crook Hall and Gardens a few months ago we never expected to come away so much in love with a location. As a rule I am not the biggest fan of old properties but there is something about the magic at Crook Hall that simply blew us away.

When my Mum had her birthday way back in March last year, I promised to take her for Afternoon Tea, however I told her that it would not be until I found the most perfect place. So when Mark and I got talking to Maggie at Crook Hall about the private space they have for Afternoon Tea. I instantly knew I had found the venue for Mum’s, by then, very belated birthday gift.

I hoped that Mum would fall in love as much as we did, and was extremely excited to share with her what I could remember from the tour, we were very kindly given on our first visit.

We arrived early in order to leave us plenty of time to have a wander around, and what a wonderful morning we were blessed with to wander. It was cold and crisp but the sun was shining brightly.


The Gardens did not disappoint but with it being cold the wander was a little more brisk than it had been when Mark and I went. Mum did indeed fall in love and we vowed to return in the Spring to see all the flowers in bloom.

We headed in to the Hall and were greeted with the smell and heat of burning fires as well as a warm welcome. Opting to have a wander round before we sat down for our Afternoon Tea I led us too The Great Hall.

The candles burning and the fire roaring I simply love this place, such a relaxing and positive place to be. To my delight Mum felt exactly the same. We wandered up through the rooms taking it all in. I spotted things that I had missed the first time round, views, paintings and little details that make Crook Hall so loveable.

Our tea was to be served in the Library, where we would have the room to ourselves.

The room has such a beautiful view if Durham Cathedral, the room was set up with quaint tea cups and the fire in there was roaring away.

We were invited to have a glass of Fizz (Alcoholic or No Alcohol)….we both opted for the Non version, which when it was delivered was served in beautifully classic Champagne glasses, or as I would describe them, “Babycham” glasses. Our drinks were served along side a selection of appetisers, (Cucumber topped with Smoked Salmon and Mini Yorkshire Puddings filled with Roast Beef and Gravy).

We ordered our Tea and Coffee and put the world to rights over our drinks.

Spending one on one time with my Mum is rare thing and I was enjoying every second (can’t say the same for her but I would like to think that she was enjoying my company as much as I was hers).

Our tea and coffee came served in the most gorgeous pots. I love a good tea pot (if you hadn’t guessed that already) but these were so pretty.

Maggie popped in to say hello, and it was lovely to see her again. It adds that personal touch that Crook Hall seem to be so good at.

Now admittedly I have not had a vast amount of Afternoon Teas, but the ones I have experienced certainly did not match up to this one…..

I had asked that we not get cheese on half the sandwiches and that we didn’t.

Our sandwiches consisted of Cheese and Pickle (for me), Ham and Mustard, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese and Cucumber.

The next layer up was our home baked scones, which were divine.

The on the top layer a selection of Home baked cakes, cakes that were so fitting to the season and the time of year and all tasted amazing (Ginger Cake, Carrot Cake, Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Brownie and Meringue). We were struggling to make our way through them and were very kindly offered the chance to box them up and take them home for later.

With our boxes in hand and a massive thank you given to the ladies that looked after us, we wandered back down to the car.

What a lovely way to spend your birthday, even though it was a few months late. Spending time with my Mum, one on one, at such a beautiful place was a rare treat and a memory we will share for a very long time. She is a very special lady, who means the world to my children, husband and I. Being there for me through so many of life’s trials and tribulations, putting up with so much, and giving me values that I will carry on, through my children. I have inherited her strength and ability to deal with situations and these are only a few of the reasons I am so proud to call her MY Mum.


To find out more about Crook Hall and Gardens, and their Afternoon Tea, you can visit them online…..

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