Dusting Off the Wool

Knitting really is my guilty pleasure. I simply do not get the time that I would like to knit these days. Small things are my favourite and when I got a message from a friend in the lead up to Christmas I was only happy to oblige.

After seeing my work from the past, she asked if I would knit a special friend for her five year old daughter who had asked Santa for a special someone from Santa. Unfortunately, Santa could not find ALDI’s Kevin the Carrot, and asked if I would be able to create something special for her.

A carrot you say……I can but try.

Having knit a carrot for an Easter egg competition a good few years ago now I did have a pattern saved but this one needed to be bigger….

Having knitted a basic triangle it was time to sew him up and give him some limbs, eyes and a smile….

This has to be one of the most satisfying knits I have ever done.

I stuffed him and gave him some foliage …then here you have our friend the carrot.

Carrot got wrapped and labelled by Santa, all the time hoping that it’s new friend would love him as much as we did.

It is with great joy that I tell you, he is now a she and is loved beyond all belief.

I love a little knit and this took me about three hours from start to finish. Having caught the knitting bug again I got my circular needles out and have made a start on a mermaid tail. It goes without saying that this will take me considerably longer but it will look so good when it is finished.



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