My top photo’s of 2016

Well in to 2017 that we now are, I decided to have a look back through what happened in 2016. There were so many lovely moments that sometimes only a phone can capture. Precious memories, facial expressions that make you smile, and ones that make you remember the good points that the year gone buy held.

I absolutely adore this photograph. One would be forgiven for thinking she was having a moment of contemplation. She was actually in the middle of throwing the biggest tantrum, while eating raisins, you could ever possibly imagine.

The day before this picture I had been told I should decided whether or not too take Erivedge. It was the preparation I needed, clearing my head while watching the kids play in the water and sand.

“Tell you what, lets get changed and go on a Snow Dog Hunt”….we found one Snow Dog and went to Intu Metro Centre, but I love how natural this picture is.

Potty training, we are half way there, dry through the day anyway….this was Penny’s attempt at getting out of the training….x

My favourite place on earth….next to the Forth of the Firth with my favourite people…..

…and the next day with them all at Edinburgh Zoo. A very rare photo of us all….what do you mean I am not in it? I am ….well behind the camera anyway.

Libby’s first football match at Chester le Street football club. That smile speaks a thousand words.

I have put these two in amongst the pile because of something she said the other day. When I went to the hospital last week I decided that the best thing would be for Penny not too come. In previous appointments she has had to come with me and although she has been a star, she has got bored. When I broke the news she said, in tears, “Mummy, I want to come with you, because if I don’t, who will look after you?”….They have all been little stars but this year she has accompanied me through so many appointments, and for all she is a little madam. She along with Libby and Regan are little stars and love their Mum endlessly.

A very rare shot of Regan and I, much the same as what I said above. This one was taken on his birthday.

This happened this year…..I do love not having any hair, growing it back now would just look silly. Comb overs are really not my thing.

Daddy would not approve (neither did Mum) but I got this lovely tattoo done in memory of my Dad. After some time thinking about what I could get tattoos in his memory I finally settled on this. It was a moment of genius after a bottle of wine and I truly love it.

This was Libby and Daddy’s visit to Metro Radio to visit DJ Brian Moore for a tour around the building. As part of her fundraising for “The Big Chop” Brian very kindly invited her up for a guided tour. She was starstruck and so excited to meet Brian and see what went on behind the scenes. I can’t thank you all enough for giving her the opportunity and helping us raise sponsorship.

Our big Princess was so brave. All her hair chopped off in aid of The Toma Fund and The Little Princess Trust by Toni and Guy in Durham. With all of your help she has raised over £800 for The Toma Fund and has reached her goal of “Raising money for boys and girls near me that have cancer”….. I still have a couple of sponsors to pay but the final total will be up by the end of January.


This man puts up with a lot. I love him to bits and words can’t describe how chuffed he was on bonfire night to find out that the burger van did Bovril.

Just because, we may not be the most traditional of married couples but in life up until now we have been been through so much, separately and together, that we simply work. It really is as simple as that. Yes, he does my head in at time, as I do his, but at the end of the day… is too short…..enjoy everyday and live for the moment.



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