What’s in the box?

Like most children, ours love to collect the little pocket money type toys. Going back a few years the boys collected GoGo’s, Moshi Monsters and although they don’t admit it they like Lego Minifigures still.

The girls love the Num Noms, Shopkins and Tsum Tsum’s but when there is something new on the scene we simply have to start collecting them too.

When the post man knocked at the door on Saturday with a mystery package for them they were intrigued and excited to find out what was inside.

Glimmies by Flair, are a collection of star fairies (23 in total) that are sent by the moon to take care of “Glimmieswood” forest animals. Each Glimmie resembles a forest animal and they love endless adventures in the name of friendship and of course respect the nature around them.

They magically light up in the dark to brighten the woods around them making them resemble fireflies. Although they always shine bright, Glimmies shine with a beautiful glow and a really enchanting light when held cupped in the hand.

Libby and Penny instantly fell in love as you can see by the pictures and video. They spent quite some time playing with them after they were opened. Penny has integrated them in to most games she has played since. Today they have spent their time being driven around on Mac (the truck from Cars The Movie).

We will certainly be keeping our eyes open for these hitting the shelves. At £3.99 for a single blister pack the Glimmies are certainly priced well. The fairies are 6cm high and are are bigger than some of the other collectable items of similar price. As well as the single packs, they are sold in Triple packs and play sets.

Our Glimmies are ……


and Flayla

They come all ready to use and be played with, as batteries are included.

Flair have come up with yet another amazing collection, for more information on Flair Plc products pop over and visit them at their website.

Libby and Penny can not wait until they are released here so they can start collecting some more, and I have been made to promise that they can have some more to add to their new collection.


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