Coming of Age

As I lay here in my sick bed I am reminded of the disadvantages to your kids starting nursery.

I have been very lucky to spend the first three years of my children’s lives almost exclusively with them. On a couple of occasions they have been put in to a private nursery, but we have benefited from one on one time and it has been amazing. However, come the couple of months before their third birthdays, they, as well as me, have been ready for Nursery to begin.

Surely I am not the only one that looks forward to them finally being eligible for Nursery?

We are very luck to have a Nursery that does a home visit a couple of months prior to the children starting and then a month later they go to the school for a visit.

The poor teachers when they came to visit in November, they were practically jumped on by Penny and in the coming weeks, when the time came, she thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the Nursery.

Christmas has now been and gone it was time. Penny was super excited and so was I. There comes several points in their lives that they come of age and I believe this is the first.

We arrived and within minutes Mark and I were off, she ran off and went to play with Peppa Pig, she didn’t notice that we had left until about 10 minutes before we picked her up, and that is the way it has remained. I say this as she prepares for her first full day in Nursery.

Whilst lost in all the joy of Penny starting Nursery I yet again managed to forget about the little quirks that come with this joyous occasion.

What they don’t warn you of when they start Nursery……..

Firstly you have the behavioural changes. Penny was a little madam before she started Nursery but her attitude (as it did when Libby and Regan started) has become what I refer to as a “Toddleteen”. The foot stamping, the back chatting and huffing are all a joyous part of them finding their place in Nursery, their place within the pack as it were…

Then you have extreme tiredness. Penny gave up her afternoon nap at about 18 months old. She occasionally has ten minutes in the car but on a normal day she doesn’t nap. Not a day has gone by since she started Nursery that I haven’t had to keep her up and moving, get her to do little jobs for me or start dancing around the living room like an idiot just to keep her going until 6pm.

It might just be mine but I have found that the dynamics change. They go from only being able to interact and get on with their siblings and children of an age that resemble them, in our case older ones, to only interacting on a normal level with fellow nursery age children. At home we now have sisters that are constantly at each others throats. Penny happily argues with the older ones now, where as before Nursery it was children of her own age that we didn’t dare leave her in a room with.

Then there is the whole big world of new germs and bacteria that they become exposed too. Just like child birth, you forget all about this bit amongst the joy of the moment. You would think third time around I would have remembered, but no.

Penny lasted a grand total of 2 weeks and a day before she brought home a delightful tummy bug. She was “poorly sick” for 12 hours and out of it for 24 hours.

They aren’t so selfish as to keep these lovely infections to themselves though. It must be the only time children happily share. Two days later Jordan had fallen victim, then Mark and here I am, now laid up with it as well.

Penny is now happily back at school taking great pride in the fact that she has “given us her sick”. Bless her…..

Seriously though it is a lovely time of their lives and I love watching them grow up and go through this phase. They soon grow out of these behaviours and develop new attitude dilemmas. They soon grow immunity to the germs that are doing the rounds at school and only occasionally get struck down. Eventually though, just when you think you have the most loving, caring and calm child……puberty hits and you are taken right back to the day they started Nursery (well almost, this time they carry a certain odour, far more unpleasant than that one we love in babies).

I am lucky to have Jordan living with us because I have learned that they, just like they do in Nursery, come out the other side and turn in to amazing human beings.

I am so lucky to have my babies and I wouldn’t change them or their personalities for the world, (well maybe their germ carrying ability). I love them with all my heart and despite being told since the day she was born, will now admit that Penny is my double in every single way (I am now just waiting for the red hair to come through).


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