Before, During and After

So way back when before camera phones existed and before selfies were a thing I started out on a journey.

In hindsight, having the “I know I will take photos of all of these” thought would have been sensible. I just simply do not have photos of everything I have had removed. This is a small minority of them. (I am sure there is someway of gaining access to the before shots from my medical record….food for thought)

Anyway, for those of you that are curious, for those of you that have started you own journey, and for those of you that are this far in too your journey and beyond….Here is a selection of photo’s of post surgery shots.


Pre and Post Dermabrasion


One of the scalp grafts, pre rexcision onwards


Scalp Grafts

neck and chest

First one is on my chest and the second is one of the many times I have had skin removed from my neck.




Same wound and graft through the stages






Heaps more…

19.10.2016 (and days there after) there are two more but I will have to get mark to take pictures of them x











Like I said these are but a small selection.

What I plan to do from now on is to take a set of photos with each surgery I have.

If you have any questions, please ask away 🙂 xxx

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2 thoughts on “Before, During and After

  1. Hello from Toledo, OH USA – I just came across your blog and found it to be very interesting and mimics a lot of the surgery I have had. I am quite a bit older than you (67) and have had so many BCC’s removed, I’ve lost count. But what I have done is take pictures. I have always been a picture taker and so I have a photo journal of every excision (only the ones done in an operating room/outpatient setting). If I chose to photograph every office -based excision, my computer hard drive wouldn’t hold all the pictures ! I give you alot of credit for doing this blog. I went through all the same emotions you have expressed. I have been on anti-depressants which- let me tell you- helped tremendously !! (Studies have shown that people with Gorlin’s Syndrome suffer from depression in greater numbers than the regular population. )

    • Hi Joan,

      How very lovely to hear from you. I am in the process of getting thr before photos also, when I was in this time I spoke to the photographer and she gave me all the details I needed to do this. I have been offered medication for the depression and anxiety but up until now I have refused them having had a bad experience from them a good few years ago but there are days I feel that I should maybe reconsider. I can totally understand the study figures alos. It is a post I have considered doing, depression that is, certainly food for thought …… I hope to speak to you soon….Caroline 🙂

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