2016 Done!

The reason I started my blogging journey was to share our health journey with you. In doing so I hoped that I could help just one person. The response has been amazing.

As time has gone on, I have found that I really enjoy writing about all sorts of everything. The opportunities I have been offered have been amazing and I can only hope that 2017 brings more and that I can put my heart and soul in to everything that I write. (More so than I already have).

One thing I especially enjoy writing about is what we have been up to and our adventures, and as it happens the end of 2016 we were very busy.

As well as the stories of Decemeber I have already told (Baby No More, Our Beamish Adventure…Part Two and Wedding Anniversary), we had a few more adventures I would like to share.

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Our Beamish Adventure ….Part Two

Following our visit to Beamish earlier in the year, where we had only managed to get round half of the Museum because little legs was tired, I was over the moon to be invited back to see what delights there were to be found at their Christmas Celebrations.

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Wedding Anniversary

December saw our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

It really does not seem like five years ago but when you look back at what has happened over those years you realise how fast time flies.

Mark truly is my rock. In the eight years we have been together he has supported me through so much,( I would like to think I have done the same for him). He has supported me through ups, downs and totally changed my approach to the world. Without his strength I would not be able to sit and write most of the stuff I do. We don’t get a lot of down time but we truly do savour every ounce of it.

We were both working on the day of our anniversary, so decided that we would leave any celebrations until the Monday night.

Following our visit to Bella Italia at Intu MetroCentre we decided to pay a visit to the newly opened branch at Intu Eldon Square.

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