My Family (Well those under our roof)


Mark was in my life in some shape or form from an early age. He was born in December 1979. We got together in 2009 and married in 2011. He is a keen Liverpool and F1 fan and loves too cook.

He started his career in the Army and through his life has been many things including a truck driver, driving instructor, factory worker and currently a bus driver. He loves his job, and me (so he says haha)


My son was born in November 2003. He came in to the world via emergency caesarian, after a 36 hour labour. He is everything you could possibly wish for (yes I am biased). He could do more to help me but then he is almost a teenager and I am told that I have no chance in hell of that happening. A very bright child he pays for his talents with massive amounts of homework. Loves gaming, youtube and graphic novels/comic books/films of the same genre to a mass.

If I had to describe him to you in as few words as possible it would be that he is an intelligent geek, loving, caring and a mummys boy at heart.


Libby was the first of my two girls and a first for Mark and I. She was born in April 2010. What a princess she is. She is intelligent, striving to levels above her class at school and picking up more by the day. She has a little temper on her but despite what Daddy thinks she is also a Mummys girl. She loves anything girly, anything at all. She also has a little bit of a tom boy side (takes after me) she loves gaming and also the things Regan is into, that are suitabl, she laps up. To describe Libby in as few words as possible I would say she was a pretty pink princess, loving, slight red head streak, but most of all she takes everything in, the love, attention, education …you name it.


Penny is our last and ohhhh dont we know it!! She has the most amazing little attitude. She was born December 2013. She is the only one of mine to have the terrible two’s. For all the other two had there moments she is on a constant rollercoaster of emotions. Mini teenager. Saying that we wouldn’t change her for the world. Her personallity is fabulous, she is such a bright spark and loves to play. I love this age when they are learning about the world around them and she has such a hunger to learn. Penny in a few words….hmmm… she is loving, affectionate, tempremental,  tom boy princess in training, wouldn’t change her for the world.



He is Mark’s eldest child and lives with us. Born in August 1999 he is currently rocking the “I have no idea what I want to do with my life” phase that I went through. Amazing child who couldnt be more laid back if he tried. Love him as if he were my own but then having lived with us since 2011 that was bound to happen. He is also in to his gaming, you tube….actually anything he can watch on the screen of his phone whilst pretending to be social with us old folk. Jordan in a few words….hmmm… closet geek, chilled to the max, fabulous with his siblings, has that boy odour that teenage boys seem to come with (any insight on this welcome) and most of all he is like his Dad.

That leaves us with Mark’s other two children….

Caitlin and Liam

We have the pleasure of their company every other week or when we can because of the shifts Mark works.

Caitlin is 9 years old and Liam is 8 years old. Weekends when they are here is madness, the house feels full, and there is in my eyes nothing better than a houseful of children. They all play lovely together. They are intelligent and well rounded children that are a credit to both their Mum and Mark. I love them to bits.

Caitlin in a few words…..mother hen, intelligent, graceful, polite, young lady who one day is going to break a mass of hearts.

Liam is a typical boy, he loves to play outside, football and having a bit of ruff and tumble, he is creative and hands on, but with that he has a gentle side that he shows when he is playing with his many sisters.

That is us….


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