Making & Creating

Making, Creating and Crafting…….

There is simply nothing better in this world than sitting and looking at something that you have created.

I would love to have the chance to create more than I do. The sheer amount of wool that is sat on top of my wardrobes waiting to be made in to something lovely is ridiculous.

From that you have probably guessed that my pass time is knitting, with a tad of crochet thrown in for good measure.

I like to make little things, baby things, toys anything that I can see the results of quickly.

My Mum taught me to knit when I was pregnant with Libby and since then I have used YouTube for reference if I ever I got stuck.

A few of my makes……..

boobsA friend of mine asked if I would look for a pattern for knitted “boobs”. She was taking over her local breastfeeding group and they found that the knitted ones were perfect for practice purposes. So I found the pattern and started to knit. This was the first batch I made and since then I have made several batched for various Health Visitors and Midwives.

Baby Sets are fun to make, they are quick, simple and you get a result fast.

baby set   mickey

Toys, love knitting bits for the kids to play with and use.

rainbow octopus

Baby cardigans, not made many put those I have, have been well used.

cardi cardi1

Creating and making with the kids is also a big love of mine. A good project, jigsaw, making kit or simply drawing with them is stressful but so therapeutic. Card making, bunting making, designing invitations, I involve them where I can. We love a good baking session and getting messy and dirty while doing so is in my eyes a childhood must!

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