Hubby and I

My Husband and I……

So this is a tale that I have told many a time….

Mark and I first met each other in Infant school. We were born 6 weeks apart and therefore started school at the same time. We knew little of each other as we were in the same school and different classes.


I am told we used to play together at school but my memory is useless. I do remember infant school just not a lot of specifics.

On the 1st of April 1987, I left our infant school and moved to Sweden. We lived there for 5 years ….but that is another story that I look forward to telling.

I moved back in the June of 1992. The school my Mum had scouted out for me was where most of my school friends from Primary school went, so there would be people I knew in my tutor group.

We again were at school together, over the following years I came to know who Mark was but at this time he was one of the naughty boys, that if you knew what was good for you, you would avoid. Me, well I was the complete polar opposite, I was little miss goody two shoes and teachers pet, you couldnt get any further in with the teachers if you tried.

Years went by…..Mark left school and sorted himself out, he joined the Army, had a son, left the army, became a HGV driver, ran a driving school, had a daughter and a son, and then went back on the wagons.

I went to college, got myself a job in a local supermarket, progressed up to the offices, got another job, had a son, became redundant and dealt with my health issues.

One day after returning home from school after collecting my son I went on Facebook and had a friend request and an inbox message. Mark….”I remember you from school”…..

From there we started talking, he would come and meet me if I was going to my friends, he would walk me home, we would walk to school together on a morning and home on a night and then text/talk to each other for most of the rest of the day. At first it was simply friendship. Mark was overky keen for me to go for a “coffee” with him, he asked and asked and eventually I gave in.

We walked to his friends house where he was staying at the time (little did he know I had given him 10 minutes to impress, my mum lived out the back of his friends house and I had pre warned her that I may well turn up there). Needless to say when I told Mark this he wasnt impressed, but instead of turning up on my own he came and met my Mum and instantly gained her approval.

The coming weeks we went from strength to strength and we became a couple.


It was like I had been in his life years. Fairly soon we had talked about children, marriage and everything you can think of. Neither of us had any desire to get married until we met each other. I had started out in my previous relationship wanting to get wed, but soon went off the idea and it became the last thing on my mind.

Two and a half months in to be being official I found out I was pregnant. It was a complete contrast to the first time I found out. He was over the moon with the news, as was I. It was quicker than we would have liked but that didnt matter one little bit.

Libby came along in the April and things were just about perfect.

I would love to tell you that the proposal was romantic and fluffy but it just didnt work out that way . I am very easily embarrassed and I begged him for no grand gestures. So it simply went like this…..

Night at my house, wine and beer, takeaway and a conversation that went ….

“do you want to then?”

“what? Get married?”

“Yeah get married”

“This you proposing?”

“Yeah I think so “

“Go on then.”

A ring was bought and an engagement party was held on the 12th of June 2010. We had a football party as there was an England Cup game on that day.


The plan was to marry on the 21st of April 2012. It was booked and venues were put in place. As time ticked however in became apparent that having it then would mean I clashed with surgery. So we spoke to the registry office and brought it forward to the 3rd of December 2011.

Plans quickly started to be put in too place. We arent rich but with help from family in the way of wedding gifts we managed to bring the whole thing on a very tight budget. The plan was to have a low key family affair, as late in the day as possible and with one big party that was aimed at the whole family.

We got it just the way wanted and the day was amazing (oooh another story to tell). It went over too fast as these things do, and I started to plan our vow renewals at 10 years!! (Haha)


Then came Penny, after a long time trying …….

We have been through a lot together. I like to think that I am there for him but I know for certain that he is my rock. We have an amazing relationship. It has its ups and downs like every other relationship, but everything the world throws at us seems to make us stronger. The torment we were put through after losing my Dad was unthinkable and drove us to hell and back again. We came through it and became stronger. (I have to add my Mum also has a lot to answer for in keeping us strong and sane)

There are only a few people that I would allow to get to know me warts and all and he is one of those. I love him to bits …………..

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