Lets start at the very beginning…..


So it begins…….

First and foremost thank you for reading.

Blogging, up until recently was an alien concept to me. I had been told on many an occasion that I had a story to share and should write or blog about. To be truthful I had not idea what it was about.

It wasn’t until I got talking to one of the new Mummy’s at the school (now a very dear friend) about it that I thought, actually I could do this.

So with Debbie and her husbands help I got set up and started to type.

I have laid out our basic story for you, and hope to tell you so much more.

My aim is to fill you in on our everyday life, what we get up to, where we go, what we try, and provide you with something interesting to follow.

I can not promise that everything I post will be pretty, but the not so pretty stuff is what has inspired the Gorlin’s part of my blog.

In brief, through fear of waffling, Gorlin’s Sydrome is a genetic condition that affects my family deeply. The faulty gene means that our bodies can not control the growth of soft tissue growths and tumours ( For more info, please feel free too read the Gorlins section at the top). It is a worry and stress that I carry everyday. A daily concern of our family life.

It has surprised me how much I have enjoyed writing, how much it has taken out of me telling the basics of my story but I feel so much better to be able to share ….

If you read anything that raises a question, or makes you want to learn more, or you are in a similar place. Feel free to drop me a message….

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