I was always very academic at school. When it came to the last year in school however, something in me just turned off. I did little revision for my GCSE’s and had no idea what I wanted to do after.

Lucky was an understatement, I came out with all my GCSE grades bar one, being C’s or above.

My intention was to go back to Sixth form and do three A Levels. I did go back and start them but my head just wasn’t in it. By the October I had left and was enrolled to start a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism.

Looking back this was the biggest mistake I made. In the time between October and January I plowed myself in to all the overtime I could manage at work and started to really enjoy the money.

I started college and stuck at it for about six months, attending every lesson however I very soon got bored and started to take on more and more overtime. I applied for a promotion and the course basically went on the back burner. I completed the course but only gained a pass at the grading stage.

It wasnt until this point in time that I realised what direction I wanted my career to take.

UCAS forms were applied for, and in 1999 I submitted the forms, applying to do Midwifery.

Life moved on and I was offered an interview at Ipswich University to do the degree. At this point in time I had got myself in to some debt and didnt feel I could afford to accept.

In fact, I applied for the course for the following two years, but life simply got in the way of what was now my dream.

In 2003 I fell pregnant and I decided that although I had a dream, it would wait, the next few years of my life were about being a Mum. When I was ready to move on to the next level of my life I would pick up my dream.

text books

Then we fast forward 12 years to 2015.

When Mark and I sat and had the “I am getting the snip” conversation, I was simply devastated. Having children is amazing. I would have loved another but we agreed that the time was right and my body would have been left vunerable with any more pregnancies.

It was time to go back to college….

Last year I decided that I would start on the long road of qualifying as Midwife. I applied to do GCSE Maths and also Functional Skills English. I wanted to get these under my belt and get back in the swing of learning before the Access to Higher Education course.

English was completed by December and I passed that with flying colours.

In the meantime I had a change of heart, for all I would love to be a Midwife, would I be better as a Childrens nurse? Or maybe I should take peoples advice and go in to counselling.

I have chosen to follow a career in Medical Counselling, working with children and their families, helping them through long term/short term illness, unusual illnesses, and illness that only has paleative care as an option….I have found as part of our journey that this is not something a lot of places can offer, and to be that person, the person to help and listen…that is my dream.

So I am sitting here now having sat my GCSE exams a few weeks ago. I have been accepted for the Access to Health Course at college and I have a clear idea of what I want to do with my career.

What I do know is that I now have a passion to learn, I have a mature outlook on life and I love a new challenge. There are so many things I would like to do along side my access course and University courses….only one problem ….what do I do first ???

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