2016 Done!

The reason I started my blogging journey was to share our health journey with you. In doing so I hoped that I could help just one person. The response has been amazing.

As time has gone on, I have found that I really enjoy writing about all sorts of everything. The opportunities I have been offered have been amazing and I can only hope that 2017 brings more and that I can put my heart and soul in to everything that I write. (More so than I already have).

One thing I especially enjoy writing about is what we have been up to and our adventures, and as it happens the end of 2016 we were very busy.

As well as the stories of Decemeber I have already told (Baby No More, Our Beamish Adventure…Part Two and Wedding Anniversary), we had a few more adventures I would like to share.

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Belated Birthday Treats….

When Mark and I visited Crook Hall and Gardens a few months ago we never expected to come away so much in love with a location. As a rule I am not the biggest fan of old properties but there is something about the magic at Crook Hall that simply blew us away.

When my Mum had her birthday way back in March last year, I promised to take her for Afternoon Tea, however I told her that it would not be until I found the most perfect place. So when Mark and I got talking to Maggie at Crook Hall about the private space they have for Afternoon Tea. I instantly knew I had found the venue for Mum’s, by then, very belated birthday gift.

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