Our Beamish Adventure ….Part Two

Following our visit to Beamish earlier in the year, where we had only managed to get round half of the Museum because little legs was tired, I was over the moon to be invited back to see what delights there were to be found at their Christmas Celebrations.

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Top Ten @ 10

Let me paint you the picture…..

Early Monday morning, sat on the decking, wind and rain floating by (I am sat under the gazebo) and the radio is playing while I shamelessly look for retweets of my latest blog posts.

I got to thinking as songs from 2005 played on “The Top Ten at Ten”, what would be my Top Ten songs in life so far…..

You know the score, every song that you play has a meaning. I was sat creating a playlist on YouTube the other week and the amount of songs that I stumbled across that brought back various memories was ridiculous.

Being in blog mode I thought “ooh that would make for a good post” (really it’s just a reason to sit and listen to old tunes and reminisce).

I don’t really have a specific taste in music, so I can’t put my tunes in to a category (well other than utter cheese), but here goes, see how many you remember…

Magnum – On a Storytellers Night

Who? and what? I here some of you say.moves

My Uncle and Mum very much liked Magnum and to be honest I can’t tell you any other songs they sang, but I have fond memories of making up a dance to this one in our upstairs living room in Sweden. My friend Hanna and I would make up dances to various songs, but this one stands out the most.

Paul Simon – Father and Daughter

Flicking through the music channels one night with my Dad and we happened to stumble across this gem of a song. A few glasses of wine to the wind and we looked up the lyrics. It became our tune. The lyrics are so touching and its one of those that slipped through the net. I struggle to listen to it these days, but when I am having a missing Daddy day I put it on and have a good cry.


Dire Straits – Walk of Life

Dancing round the living room with Mum. There are so many songs in my playlist the “belong” to my Mum and I. She had a tape that we used to play when going to watch Newcastle United at the training ground or when going to watch them play. So many gems on there. I was brought up listening to Status Quo, The Moody Blues, Dire Straits, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan and so many more but this song brings back memories of “doing the dance” around the living room for hours on end with my Mum and also on occasion my friend Karina.


Alanis Morrisette – Head over feet

Mark and I both have a mutual love for “The Jagged Little Pill” album. When we started out on our relationship journey I remember lying on the couch together one afternoon and him declaring it was all my fault that we were in the position we were in. Apparently my smile was the reason he had been so persistent in pinning me down, therefore making it my fault. This then became our song. We had it as our first dance at our wedding and it takes pride of place in my playlist.


Rod Stewart – Rhythm of my Heart

Quite simply……the first single my Dad bought for me.


Bryan Adams – Summer of 69 (95)

Another one for Mum. In the summer of 1995 I was in the height of my Newcastle United obsession phase. At this point in time they were training at Maiden Castle in Durham. Which was close to us and accessible. Mum, Karina and myself went all but two days during the Summer of 1995. More Karina and I than Mum, but she would take us and pick us up. When I say obsession I can not stress how obsessed we were. We would hang about for photos with the players, get autographs, watch them get on the Team Bus, go and watch the reserves and juniors train when the main team were away and we would drive ahead of the team bus and wave at them from a bridge as they shot off down the motorway.

In hindsight we could have probably been classed at stalker levels but it was all in the name of being a teenager and Mum allowing us to be. We would return home and call at Greggs on the way. Same everyday Cheese and Onion pasty (that Karina would pick the onions out of), an iced split and a can of cherry coke (that Karina would get hyper from as she wasn’t supposed to have coke).



The Foundations – Build me up Buttercup

I do like a bit of 60’s in my mix. This one was presented to me as part of a mixed tape (the amount of mixed tapes I used to have was ridiculous). I had a huge soft spot for the maker of the tape and fell in love with this song, playing it an awful lot. It then became a Karaoke song that I would sing all the time.


Mousee T – Horny

Do I really want to know? (I can hear you asking)

First girly holiday away. Magaluf 1998….the less said about that the better 🙂

Cyndi Lauper – I drove all night

The original didn’t really float my boat but Cyndi’s version did. I spent hours (and I mean hours) in front of the mirror with a hairbrush singing this. I had it perfected (well in my mind it was). Singing it to the posters of Take That and Newcastle players that were very neatly place all over my bedroom walls. (Mum will tell you that the posters were the only tidy thing about my room).

The Pogues – Love you till the end

A beautiful song. After reading PS I love you and then watching it I purchased the soundtrack. This song struck a chord somewhere in me. Mark and I had it at our wedding as one of the songs that was played while we were signing the register.


There are so many more I could add, the rest from the mixed tape for the football, the ones Mum and I would sit up until the early hours listening too, the stuff Dad would sing too when he had one too many and the music from groups that I swooned over. Then there is the more recent stuff, so so many……what are your favourites? 🙂