Catch up on all things us

Catch up on all things us

Our Holiday was great but all good things come to an end and we were back to reality. School started, Nursery began, we were back to exercise and dieting and we have had a busy few weeks. I touched on … Continue reading

Thought of the day….

thought of the day

In this life we have a tendency to take things for granted a little to often. It isn’t something we do deliberately or something that we even realise we do a lot of the time but it is something we all do.

Reality checks happen when something that is put before you, somewhere you are or people that you meet bring you back down to earth with a bang and at that point you hate yourself for not realising that you are so lucky to be, have, or do what you do.

Listen to me all philosophical but its true.

We have hurdles in life that we overcome and we stop for a minute and take in the what’s happening but it soon becomes history.

life hurdles

My situation has caused many, small and large, so many I won’t go in to, but this is a post where I say take in every moment and never take anything for granted.

Before we moved to Durham we lived about 30 minutes away. A trip to Durham was a treat and we dreamed of living in Durham. Never for one second did I think I would be lucky enough to have Durham as my local shopping centre.

The sights of Durham soon became something we took for granted. I can honestly say in the four years we have lived here I have been to The Cathedral once, that is until the other week when we went to The Cellar Door for the most amazing meal.


We had time to spare and as we were on the way up the hill for our meal we decided to climb to the top and have a brief visit to Durham Cathedral.


I was astounded to discover that Mark has never actually been up to The Cathedral, let alone ever been inside.

For me the place is incredibly special, I find the history, the appearance and the sheer beauty of the place amazing. I am moved to tears the minute I walk through the doors, always have been and always will be.


The windows, the ceilings, the size, the grounds, all of them contribute to a place of outstanding beauty. Mark was more taken a back by it than I thought he would be. We only got to spend ten minutes in and around but have vowed to go back again very soon. (Rest assured when we do you will know all about it)


Moral of the story, take those things around you in, visit places on your doorstep, we tend to avoid theses places as they are close to home and we want venture further afield. Never ever take anything for granted because your everyday life can be fascinating to other people…..


Back 2 Life….


My holiday is officially over and I am back to the keyboard to type it all up for you.

The last few weeks have been manic and I have so much to tell you, share and get your opinion on.

First and foremost I would like to update you on the Gorlins Syndrome stuff.

As you are all aware I have been advised to try the Erivedge Treatment. Anyone who likes my Facebook page will also be aware of the dilemma I faced a few weeks ago, however for those of you that don’t here is the dilemma I faced….

After deciding on a start date to commence the Erivedge Treatment I received to letters in the post. One was the confirmation from the Northern Centre for Cancer Care to confirm that I was indeed embarking on the Erivedge Treatment and the other was from the University Hospital of North Durham with a date for surgery to remove the BCC’s I currently have.

Now the dilemma comes from the fact that I want to get rid of the BCC’s I currently have, yes the Erivedge course may get rid of them but it could be months. When I get a BCC my mind takes over and I am not settled until it is gone. Here I am with 6+ and I have the opportunity to get rid of them, but I also have the opportunity to keep them at bay.

After consulting my Gorlins friends I decided that I would ask the team at the Freeman Hospital if they would be happy for me to have the surgery to remove the growths I currently have and then embark on the journey they are offering as a preventative rather than a cure.

Phone call made I awaited a reply and to my great relief my Oncologist is more than happy for me to do this.

Decision made I also decided that if I am going to start from scratch with no BCC’s it is vitally important that I uncover the areas that are hiding at least two BCC’s and get rid of this hair. As you all know the chances of me losing it when I start the treatment are high so I figure lets do this thing properly. Hair off before my pre consult for surgery and fingers crossed all the BCC’s are removed in one fell swoop.

How am I feeling? Well I am relieved to not be in two minds of which direction to take. I have been given the chance to take both options and that’s great. Not looking forward to the surgery, but then who would be? Also, I am apprehensive about the next new step. I am not a fan of new things, creature of habit springs to mind. All I can do is go with the flow and not worry about things I can’t control.

Anyway on a happier note, what have I got coming up over the next week for you to read about?

We have been so busy with days here, there and everywhere. Here are a few teasers for you:

Girly Night’s…..

girly nights

Date Night….

date night

Impromptu Family Day….

impromptu family day

Libby’s First Football Match…..


Results Day….


The Journey Across the Border….


Haven Holiday…..

haven holiday

Zoo Adventures…..


Kids in the Kitchen…..


Nothing beats a cup of tea….


I also have a few books to review for you, I will hopefully have an update on my college adventure for you (what a nightmare that is proving to be, yet again), a list of hospital visits and some exciting things coming up this week to also tell you about.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoy what I have to come over the next few days….

For now…