Surgery Update….


It has really been hard not typing for the last week.

I wasn’t told not too, but I have found it so hard to keep awake and impossible to focus on anything but the headaches I have been getting.

As you will see from my last post and my Instagram pictures (along with the before, during and after section of my blog) I have had my surgery.


(There are far more pics to be found over on the Before, During and After post)

I presented with one BCC in April and ended up having 13 removed last Wednesday.

After a busy day last Tuesday visiting the amazing Crook Hall and Gardens in Durham (post to follow in the next couple of days) and a family funeral on the afternoon, I took the sheers to my hair and gave myself a number one all over. (I had also spent a lovely day on the Monday buying hats and bits and bobs in Primark)


Needs must, and it did mean that I located a couple of BCC‘s and for all they seemed nothing on the surface, they had progressed under the skin.

I spent four hours in surgery and for the first time in a very, very long time, I gave in and stayed overnight. I was in massive amounts of pain and my blood pressure was reflecting it.

It was a very restless night but I was very well looked after and despite the doctor taking quite a few hours to come to my rescue the Nurses kept me topped up and I managed a few hours.

I came home with stronger pain killers than I would normal and they did their job. Although I am still struggling with the pain in my head. I had my facial stitches and my graft dressing taken away yesterday and they are all looking good. However, my head feels like it has been in a vice and my next appointment cant come soon enough so I can get my head stitches out.


On Tuesday I start the Erivedge…….the saga continues…


No makeup selfie time…….

We all remember the charity drive for no make up selfies….

Seems like an age ago now but I also did one of those lovely pictures…. (excuse the background)


For all I don’t wear a lot of make up, I do try, all be it bearly, to cover my scars on a daily basis. My morning ritual takes about 10 minutes, and involves, primer, concealer and on occasion BB Cream. (Another story, seem to be adding a lot of these to the list 🙂 )

This picture is two and a half years old now, since then there have been a fair few more scars added to the mugshot.

With the naked eye you may not see all the scars that I have, in fact many people comment that it isn’t until I point them out that they know how many scars I have. Now either they are being polite or I am paranoid. Mark insists it is the latter.

Truth being there are some I can cover and some I just can’t. I don’t know how many scars there are, I only know I have had what seems to be an obscene amout of BCC’s removed.

The following photos are shots of my scars taken in the last week. (I considered adding a selection of post op pictures to a post also but as there are many people who don’t like gore or graphic images I have decided to add them as a page under Gorlins on the page instead, if you click here Before, During and After, it will take you too them)

First, my neck scars. These are where my amazing surgeon has removed the skin that now makes up my face. The last lot of surgery I underwent, they realised (partially down to weightloss) that I am running short of excess skin on my neck, so now only facial grafts will be removed from my neck, anything else including my last scalp graft will come from my stomach (where courtesy of weightloss I have an excess of skin haha).



The ones that can’t be covered……My Scalp. Once over my hair was my pride and joy, as you will have noticed in my pictures in Hubby and I, I had very log red hair, which I loved. When push came to shove though it was only hair and it got shaved off (Before, During and After). I had a full scalpal dermabrasion and then surgery to remove the deeper BCC’s. In the case of the two bigger grafts, the surgeons tried to direct close these but when the Histology results came back, the removals had not been complete, meaning when under the microscope there was still remnants of BCC left. Meaning they had to remove the full scar and replace with a graft.





Then the face, well where do I begin, my nose is mainly skin grafts, i have scars up and down the side of my face, in my eyebrows, I have a mishaped nose, more on my eyelids (where there are no lashes and more on top) and also not pictured my whole outer to inner ear on one side.








Hmmm…I hear myself say, takes a lot to put the no holds barred pictures up and I would be telling a mistruth if I told you these two posts didnt’t make me fill up a few times. This is me though and this is a Gorlins patients life. It’s fine dealing with it on a daily basis but when you look back and look at today you realise what you have come through….. x

Just to make me feel better…. A Make Up Selfie too 😉


Mwah xx