Crayola Bakes


For the entire school holidays I was asked when we could have a Baking Day. As you will see from my earlier post we did indeed do this and along the way we made some Cupcake Kit bakes.

Now we all love a cake and the kids love nothing more than getting in there and mixing and decorating. I love a good cake and love making them but find for the kids, these kits are perfect because they can just crack on and do what they like.

Fiddes Payne do a fabulous range including the Shopkins and Finding Dory ones we made.

Fiddes Payne are about to launch a new range of cake and biscuit kits in partnership with Crayola. When we had a delivery that included one of each kit the kids and I were both very excited to try them out.


These kits are set to be available in UK Sainsbury’s stores from the 4th of September 2016, priced at £2.30 per kit and I must say are well worth a look.

We were a little late in getting our bake on as we have been away but on the last day of the holidays we decided that we would make “Crayola Crafty Cooks Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcakes”.

cake 4

The kids love to get messy so I enticed Libby in to the kitchen to help with the cake baking.

She was very impressed with the contents of the box, as was I to be honest.

cake 7

The packing is very striking and the instructions are easy to follow. I was there in a supervising adult role with the “hot hot hot” (Big Cook, Little Cook have a lot to answer for) roles delegated to me.

cake 6

The paper cases come in four different colours, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, which instantly caused the debate of who would have which cake. Blue for the boys, Red for the girls but who would have the Green and Yellow?

Like the cake mixes before you pop everything in a bowl and mix. This was the first cake I have made like this where you add oil rather than butter but it did make the mixing a lot less messy.

cake 8

cake 9

Once beaten you add “The Rainbow Sprinkles” and mix gently.

cake 10

cake 11

Then you spread the mixture between your cases. I would love to show you a picture of that art but due to me allowing Penny to get involved at this point it got very messy and I had more cake mix on me than the cases.

After a short while in the oven and the kids awaiting the kitchen timer beeping, while camping out in front of the cooker we took the cakes out. All different sizes but then that’s the joy of baking with kids.

cake 12

While the cakes were cooling we made the icing. I wish I could share the excitement noises they made when the water was added. Banana Yellow and Slime Green icing makes for two super excited little girls. The colours were so vibrant and were simply Crayola Yellow and Green.


We decided on water icing over the butter icing as it was easier for them to do but also because I am rubbish with a piping bag an nozzle.


Half an hour of quiet and the icing was drying for decoration.

Penny and Libby sat while the icing dried with a icing pen each and warmed up the tube and then they were given four cakes each to decorate.


They had great fun and the cakes were “Licious” and “Beautiful”. I do love these kits and can’t wait to give the “Crayola Crafty Cooks Yummy Wildlife Friends Gingerbread Kit” a go. (Waiting for the delivery of a new baking sheet before we give them a try.)

Fiddes Payne have a sister site named Cake Angels UK, on here you can share your creations, view other peoples creations and get recipes for other products that Fiddes Payne make.

These kits are available in Sainsbury’s Stores now and are brought to you by Fiddes Payne. Why not follow Fiddes Payne and Cake Angels UK on social media and share you creations with them.

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Back 2 Life….


My holiday is officially over and I am back to the keyboard to type it all up for you.

The last few weeks have been manic and I have so much to tell you, share and get your opinion on.

First and foremost I would like to update you on the Gorlins Syndrome stuff.

As you are all aware I have been advised to try the Erivedge Treatment. Anyone who likes my Facebook page will also be aware of the dilemma I faced a few weeks ago, however for those of you that don’t here is the dilemma I faced….

After deciding on a start date to commence the Erivedge Treatment I received to letters in the post. One was the confirmation from the Northern Centre for Cancer Care to confirm that I was indeed embarking on the Erivedge Treatment and the other was from the University Hospital of North Durham with a date for surgery to remove the BCC’s I currently have.

Now the dilemma comes from the fact that I want to get rid of the BCC’s I currently have, yes the Erivedge course may get rid of them but it could be months. When I get a BCC my mind takes over and I am not settled until it is gone. Here I am with 6+ and I have the opportunity to get rid of them, but I also have the opportunity to keep them at bay.

After consulting my Gorlins friends I decided that I would ask the team at the Freeman Hospital if they would be happy for me to have the surgery to remove the growths I currently have and then embark on the journey they are offering as a preventative rather than a cure.

Phone call made I awaited a reply and to my great relief my Oncologist is more than happy for me to do this.

Decision made I also decided that if I am going to start from scratch with no BCC’s it is vitally important that I uncover the areas that are hiding at least two BCC’s and get rid of this hair. As you all know the chances of me losing it when I start the treatment are high so I figure lets do this thing properly. Hair off before my pre consult for surgery and fingers crossed all the BCC’s are removed in one fell swoop.

How am I feeling? Well I am relieved to not be in two minds of which direction to take. I have been given the chance to take both options and that’s great. Not looking forward to the surgery, but then who would be? Also, I am apprehensive about the next new step. I am not a fan of new things, creature of habit springs to mind. All I can do is go with the flow and not worry about things I can’t control.

Anyway on a happier note, what have I got coming up over the next week for you to read about?

We have been so busy with days here, there and everywhere. Here are a few teasers for you:

Girly Night’s…..

girly nights

Date Night….

date night

Impromptu Family Day….

impromptu family day

Libby’s First Football Match…..


Results Day….


The Journey Across the Border….


Haven Holiday…..

haven holiday

Zoo Adventures…..


Kids in the Kitchen…..


Nothing beats a cup of tea….


I also have a few books to review for you, I will hopefully have an update on my college adventure for you (what a nightmare that is proving to be, yet again), a list of hospital visits and some exciting things coming up this week to also tell you about.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoy what I have to come over the next few days….

For now…



Messy Kitchen Day (Afternoon)


I have been taunted by both Regan and Libby since the holidays began (actually since before they started) about having a Baking Day in the six weeks holiday.

I kept my plans for the day under wraps as, like most kids I am sure, the moment you mention what you are up too, the when, what for and whys start. That in turn stresses us out and then the whole thing becomes a chore not a pleasure, anyway…..

Whilst ripping out cupboards yesterday (trying to find my missing Birth Certificate) I came across a large amount of my recipes. It seemed therefore, that today was a good day to bake.

Shopping list written we headed off to Tesco.

The kids were over the moon when we stopped in the baking aisle. Inevitably, when I had added to the basket the content of my list the girls attention was drawn to the Cupcake Mix Sets. Personally, I love these little sets. They allow the girls to help without making too much mess, they enjoy it and it keeps them amused for a few hours (whilst making and playing cafes with the end product).

Once home, I set about clearing the mess that the lads had left behind them on the morning (seems they can find the clean plates but have no idea have to restack them in the dish washer once dirty).



First up on the baking list was Penny with her “Finding Dory” Cupcake Kit. The two kits I bought today are made by Fiddes Payne.


Penny had such concentration on her face while sorting the cupcake cases out in to the tray. Libby was keen to take over but the stubborn Little Madam wouldn’t let her anywhere near, completing the task herself, looking very proud about it too.

Mixture in bowl, egg cracked and butter in the bowl, we got the electric mixer out and she ran a mile. (She has an issue with loud noises, she doesn’t like the hoover, mixer, hand dryers…..if its loud she shys away).

Cake mixed, they went in to the oven.


In the meantime we did the dishes and set about the Shopkins set that Libby had picked. I have to say I was really impressed with the contents of the kit for the price. We had the cake mix, pink icing mix, sprinkles, and lolly pop sticks with stickers to pop on them. Lots to keep her busy.

We mixed her cake mix, Libby cracking the egg (no shell thank goodness) and mixing herself.


Once Penny’s cakes had come out Libbys went straight in.

In the meantime we made Penny’s Icing causing a flurry in the kitchen with Icing Sugar covering everything.  Libby insisted in applying the icing and Penny applied the characters.


Libby’s cakes quickly followed and the pink icing got applied while I helped with the lolly sticks and stickers.

IMG_20160816_163905 IMG_20160816_163919


Girls cakes done I set about making the list of cakes that I had made this morning. My mission was to make a Banana Cake as the lads decided they fancied some bananas and they have sat there uneaten for a week. Determined not to bin them a cake seemed like a sensible option. The other recipes just fell on too my list, well that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Sticky Confetti Cake



Sensibly, I had some forward thinking. I knew once I started baking getting Penny to bed would be a nightmare so getting her cakes made meant that while I made this one she could have her tea, watch some Cbeebies and chill out before bed and when I took her to bed the other two could decorate it.



(I have been told I have to point out the Red plate is Libby’s and the Green plate is Regan’s)

Such a simple, moist and yummy cake to make and Regan and Libby had great fun decorating it with Smarties, Frozen Sprinkles and Hundreds and Thousands. It kept them busy for a good 45 mins before keeping them quiet for 15 mins while they ate some.

Banana Cake

To say I am gutted about this cake is an understatement. Mum always used to make one and made it look simple and to be fair it was.


I got it in the oven and it looked, smelt, and felt perfect. Took it out of the oven and it was perfectly cooked. I let it rest as instructed and loosened the edges, turned it out on to the tray and gave it a tweek and a tap……it ripped in half. It does however taste great and next time I will invest in some of the loaf parchment inserts for the tin.


As you can see, the disaster didn’t stop the lads from tucking in to it…

Chocolate Malt Cake

No baking day is complete without me forgetting to get an ingredient. 400g of Plain Chocolate, turned in to 400g of Milk Chocolate as my corner shop didn’t have the plain.


Still, it worked well. The recipe I used was from one the BBC Good Food magazine supplements and for the life of me I can not find it online but the one I have linked to is very similar.

 IMG_20160816_180008 IMG_20160816_175421



With chocolate and butter melting, egg and sugar frothing, Ovaltine mixing, and lots of folding, the cake was put in the oven and the timer was set.


After the Banana Cake disaster I wasn’t holding out for a miracle but OMG what a delicious cake. Firmer than a brownie but still full of chocolate goodness like a brownie. Mmmmmmm…..


Then last but not least I may have sneaked a Brownie Mix in the basket too….



Overall I think the Baking Afternoon was a success….very messy but thank goodness for the dishwasher it takes so much stress out of MissionCleanUp at the end. A sweeping brush round the floor and all tidy…….