Erivedge…The Update….

I started out writing a diary of my journey, but after a week I really didn’t have much to tell, and decided that what I did have to tell would be better said in a post for you, when I first month was over.

If you are unfamiliar with my journey you can read more in the Too Erivedge or Not Post.

Erivedge or Vismodgib is a strong drug that alters the way in which cells divide, slowing down the growth or curing Basal Cell Carcinoma (until you stop taking the medication.)

After much consideration and consultation I decided to go ahead with the medication and tackle whatever side effects it may bring.

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Vitamin D…….


Reading through my posts you will have gained an understanding of what we class as the “dos and don’t” of Gorlins Syndrome.

One of the main things we need to do is keep covered up in the sun, whether that be with clothing or with very effective sun creams.

This, in time comes with it’s own problems, this would be that we are prone to a Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is gained by exposing our naked skin to sunlight or in our case by taking a Vitamin supplement that contains Vitamin D. The vitamin itself is essential for healthy bone growth and development. It also supports healthy function in the muscles, as well as the teeth.

There are so many Multivitamins out there, and the girls have tried various different types (for the good and for the better), but so far their favourite is Bassett’s Multivitamins.


They are very particular about what they take. If it tastes remotely like medicine the chance of them taking them again is slim however the Bassett’s Soft and Chewy tablets I am told taste like a very popular brand of gummy sweets.

Bassett’s do a vary good range of vitamins for children of all ages and they come in a variety of age groups and also flavours, including Strawberry, Orange and Blackcurrant and Apple.

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Each box contains 30 tablets and they are taken once a day. My girls like to take them of a morning, when they have had their breakfasts.


It makes life so much easier when the extra measures we have to take are enjoyable, taste nice or are easy to apply. We do not want the girls to feel different to other children so having products that fit in to daily living works so much better for us.

Bassett’s Multivitamins certainly tick all the boxes for us.

The Multivitamins from Bassett’s are widely available and for more information please visit the website or have a look over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.