Male….13 years old….Christmas Buys??


Strikes me that I can not be the only one that is having issues with ideas for my 13 year old Son for Christmas.

The main present thing is simple enough, with him leaving us the option of a couple of technological items.

It’s the stuff that fill out the pile, the stuff that you can tell other people he would like, that is causing the issue.

With Regan just having his birthday we wait until after to make him a list, that way he can get what he would like and the rest gets added to the Christmas wish list.

So, if you have a teenager like mine (mood swingy, grumpy on occasion, happy on others, little bit of a combination of all the characters from Big Bang Theory, and utterly charming), then this may be of use to you.

We sat the other night and went through some websites for things he might like and stuff to add to a list and this is what we came up with…..


I refer to it as gaming because there are so many platforms these days that I can’t keep up. Once over I used to enjoy a game of Super Mario, but these days my poor little eyes can’t keep up with the graphics, causing me a migraine (I sound so old). This in turns means that I have lost touch with the platforms …(I did think I had found a game I could get away with when Minecraft came on the scene, but alas it also gives me a migraine.)

There are many games that he would like that are not age appropriate, but good old Mario and Pokemon have made the list…..

Super Mario Maker 3DS (GAME £34.99)

This game was released for the Wii U some time ago and both Regan and Libby enjoyed playing it. They were both hoping for it too make the smaller hand held console and here it is doing just that.


Pokemon Sun/Moon 3DS (SMYTHS £31.99)

The games are released at the back of November and follow the same format as previous Pokemon games. I am not going to pretend I know more about it but there is a full description of the game here… Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Funko POP

I didn’t quite realise how much of a “thing” these were until a couple of months ago. Regan has a few and wants to exted his collection. I have been trying for quite some time to get him to colect something and these seem to have become the in thing to collect. They are widely available online. Here is a selection of the ones on his wishlist….

Funko POP Newt Salamander (SMYTHS £9.99)


Funko POP Bobble Winter Soldier (AMAZON £7.99)


Funko POP Picc0lo (AMAZON £9.99)


Funko POP Trunks (MY GEEK BOX £8.99)


Funko POP Skyrin Dovahkiin (EMP £9.99)


Hawkin’s Bazaar

I was introduced to Hawkins Bazaar by Regan’s Dad and I have done the honour of passing the love for the company on. When Regan said he had no idea what he would like for Christmas it was a site that needed to be visited for inspiration (then the Intu MetroCentre shop a couple of days later).

For those that have never hear of Hawkins Bazaar, in their own words….

Hawkin’s Bazaar is the home of great gift ideas, geeky gadgets, terrific toys and everything else that makes a perfect present!”

These are a few of the things that have made the shortlist…

Bat Signal (£20.00)


Regan seems to have developed not only a collection of FUNKO Pop figures but the desire to collect various novelty lights, his collection includes a Superman Light. Darth Vader Lava Lamp, Pacman Alien….and a few more. To add to the collection he would like the Bat Signal.

Flashing Air Football (£13.00)


Simply because……(apparently as it will work well on the laminate flooring!)

Captain America Vintage Canvas Wallet (£18.00)


I am told this is because his wallet is “utterly rubbish”.

Colour Changing Egg (£6.00)


Like I say, he has a thing for lights 🙂

There are so many more things that he has picked out but I would be here all day if I started to list them all.

Something Geeky

Regan has discovered a love for clothes this year and like any teenager is starting to care about what he looks like. When looking the other week we came across the Something Geeky website and he has found some stuff he has fallen in love with and, you guessed it added it to the ever increasing list.

Glow in the Dark Power Symbol Hoodie (£22.99)


Pixellated Long Sleeve I need love T – Shirt (£19.99)


Killing Zombies T – Shirt (£12.99)


I realised very quickly that anything that I look at and think “Naaa” is actually something that he would probably appreciate. Shopping for a 13 year old is maybe not as hard as I initially thought…….