Exhibition #1


I am truly blessed to have amazing family and some talented members at that. This weekend saw Exhibition #1 for my cousin Emily.


In order for you to get to know the person behind the art I thought I would shake this post up a bit and I thought I would ask Emily the questions and let her tell you the story….

Describe yourself in three words…..

Oh gosh okay …… Quirky, weird, eccentric

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Tell me about college…..

My college experience was just like everyone else’s I suppose. I had the help from some very talented teachers and I made so wonderful friends. I probably wouldn’t have learnt some of the skills I have if I hadn’t gone to college.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get most of my inspiration from films. mainly Tim Burton movies. I love his style.


Five years from now where would you like to be artistically?

 5 years from now I’d love to be getting to the stage where I can live of the work that I do. My goal is to have my own business.

Have you got any exciting ideas for the next exhibition?

 I’ve thought about it’s and I have a few ideas up my sleeve. But I won’t be painting anything else till after Christmas

 Tell us about “The Bird Lady” ….


The bird lady is something I started in college. We were looking at surrealism and she was the outcome from that. I really like playing around and creating new version of her with different techniques. I plan to include her in my next exhibition but next time she won’t be on her own.

Where does the love of clowns come from?


my love of clowns comes from my first and favourite horror movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space. It’s really cheesy but it’s a classic. I’ve always liked clowns though. I love how quirky they are.

 What is your favourite way to do art?

 My favourite way to do art is to paint. But when it comes to what medium I use it’s just the case of using whatever will work. My favourites to work with are acrylic, ink and spray paint.


Saturday the 26th of November 2016 saw Emily host Exhibition #1.

What a truly talented young lady she is. I will let the pictures do the talking with very little interference from me.

“The Bird Lady”

img_1153 img_1154 img_1155 img_1156img_1163img_1167





“Killer Klown”


“Ill Fortune”





img_1162 img_1173 img_1183








img_1168   img_1172

“Granny Smith”

img_1169 img_1192

To keep up to date with Emily’s art and upcoming events or to contact her about any of her art/commission work you can find her over on Facebook and Instagram. You can also see more of her work in my previous post E.Bulman Art.

Looking forward to Exhibition #2