Catch up on all things us

Catch up on all things us

Our Holiday was great but all good things come to an end and we were back to reality. School started, Nursery began, we were back to exercise and dieting and we have had a busy few weeks. I touched on … Continue reading

Crayola Bakes


For the entire school holidays I was asked when we could have a Baking Day. As you will see from my earlier post we did indeed do this and along the way we made some Cupcake Kit bakes.

Now we all love a cake and the kids love nothing more than getting in there and mixing and decorating. I love a good cake and love making them but find for the kids, these kits are perfect because they can just crack on and do what they like.

Fiddes Payne do a fabulous range including the Shopkins and Finding Dory ones we made.

Fiddes Payne are about to launch a new range of cake and biscuit kits in partnership with Crayola. When we had a delivery that included one of each kit the kids and I were both very excited to try them out.


These kits are set to be available in UK Sainsbury’s stores from the 4th of September 2016, priced at £2.30 per kit and I must say are well worth a look.

We were a little late in getting our bake on as we have been away but on the last day of the holidays we decided that we would make “Crayola Crafty Cooks Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcakes”.

cake 4

The kids love to get messy so I enticed Libby in to the kitchen to help with the cake baking.

She was very impressed with the contents of the box, as was I to be honest.

cake 7

The packing is very striking and the instructions are easy to follow. I was there in a supervising adult role with the “hot hot hot” (Big Cook, Little Cook have a lot to answer for) roles delegated to me.

cake 6

The paper cases come in four different colours, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, which instantly caused the debate of who would have which cake. Blue for the boys, Red for the girls but who would have the Green and Yellow?

Like the cake mixes before you pop everything in a bowl and mix. This was the first cake I have made like this where you add oil rather than butter but it did make the mixing a lot less messy.

cake 8

cake 9

Once beaten you add “The Rainbow Sprinkles” and mix gently.

cake 10

cake 11

Then you spread the mixture between your cases. I would love to show you a picture of that art but due to me allowing Penny to get involved at this point it got very messy and I had more cake mix on me than the cases.

After a short while in the oven and the kids awaiting the kitchen timer beeping, while camping out in front of the cooker we took the cakes out. All different sizes but then that’s the joy of baking with kids.

cake 12

While the cakes were cooling we made the icing. I wish I could share the excitement noises they made when the water was added. Banana Yellow and Slime Green icing makes for two super excited little girls. The colours were so vibrant and were simply Crayola Yellow and Green.


We decided on water icing over the butter icing as it was easier for them to do but also because I am rubbish with a piping bag an nozzle.


Half an hour of quiet and the icing was drying for decoration.

Penny and Libby sat while the icing dried with a icing pen each and warmed up the tube and then they were given four cakes each to decorate.


They had great fun and the cakes were “Licious” and “Beautiful”. I do love these kits and can’t wait to give the “Crayola Crafty Cooks Yummy Wildlife Friends Gingerbread Kit” a go. (Waiting for the delivery of a new baking sheet before we give them a try.)

Fiddes Payne have a sister site named Cake Angels UK, on here you can share your creations, view other peoples creations and get recipes for other products that Fiddes Payne make.

These kits are available in Sainsbury’s Stores now and are brought to you by Fiddes Payne. Why not follow Fiddes Payne and Cake Angels UK on social media and share you creations with them.

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Girly Day Shopping

I have so many posts in progress but none that I am happy with just yet.

Today it was time for a break and Libby, Penny and Myself went on an expedition to buy something arty and crafty for Libby to do. (Regan was off to his Dad’s for the day/night so a girly day seemed like a perfect idea)

Bit off the beaten track for us we ended up at the Metro Centre.

Now no trip out with the kids is complete without a trip to McDonald’s.

metro metro1

There are days I wonder what I did to be blessed with such amazing children. They both sat good as gold and ate their happy meals, not that may not seem a big thing, and for Libby, no it is not, but to get Penny to sit still for more than five minutes is a hard task.

Next stop was The Range.


I have only been in a few times myself but have noted on both occasions that Libby and Mum would love the Arts and Crafts section. We spent a good 45 mins looking around what they had to offer.


If you have never been and like a reasonably priced place that sells a bit of everything then this is the place to be. I love a shop like this, one of those one stop shops, especially come Christmas, The Range will be perfect.

metro4 metro5

So back to our treasures, Libby found a Princess set, at £1.99, you cant go wrong, she is loving colouring in at the minute and this is perfect. We also came home with two Finding Dory balls.

(Excuse the photo quality of the picture, will add one when we have built it up)



Their pet range is also impressive (camera on phone decided not to work so pics of that) but the zoo got a treat each too.

Next stop ASDA.


This month I was determined to get at least one the them al of their uniform sorted so that I did not have to rush around at the last minute looking for stuff in the right sizes. Its a nightmare that I am sure most of us have experienced at some point, if not most years.

Anyway, last year I bought the majority of stuff from ASDA and it has lasted Libby all year. So I thought I would see what they had to offer this year. I wasn’t disappointed.


Twin Pack of Sweatshirt Cardigans £6.00

metro26 metro25

Frozen Sweatshirt Cardigan with Elsa detail £5.00

metro22 metro21

Twin Pack Polo Shirt £3.00


Jersey Skirt £4.00


Frozen Jersey Dress with Elsa Detail £7.00


Jersey Pinafore Dress £6.00


Pleated Skirt £4.50


Boys Twin Pack Short Sleeved Shirts £5.00

Last year I purchased Libby’s blouses and polo shirts from ALDI, and for all people may avoid them they washed and washed and washed again. These also lasted her all year, so I bough her the pack of two blouses last week at a price of £1.99 for two.


After leaving the Metro Centre we called in at Team Valley and visited the Hobbycraft store.


Another first for Libby and she was completely taken aback by what they had to offer.

There are some good 3 for 2 deals on at the minute which offer things to keep the kiddiwinkles busy over the holidays. We however cam away with some felt tips (£2), crayons (£1) and some paper (£1), (3 for 2) and a Barbie Sticker book (£3).




They had a range of activities on instore to keep the little ones busy but mine weren’t interested in anything other than spending money.

Last stop was Sainsbury’s, where we stopped and ended up going in to Argos and taking advantage of their 3 for 2 on all toys offer buying Lego and My Little Pony’s. (As well as some nibbles and wine for me 🙂 ).

Just a little one so I ould share my bargains…..again sorry for the picture quality as my camera fell out with me on the way home …..xxxxx