The problem with School Holidays…….


I love spending time with my Children and I am not one of these people who dread the school holidays, but why do school holidays have to come with social isolation?

It struck me during the Summer holidays that I live at the other end of the street from the lovely lady I class as my bestie and we saw each other a handful of times during the whole six weeks. Yes we kept in touch via social media but the couple of nights we did spend together were a welcome escape.

You really can not beat putting the worlds to rights. I like to think of myself as a “Geezer Bird

The Urban Dictionary defines me as a female who displays desirable male characteristics (such as toilet humour or alcoholism) without sacrificing their femininity. Now I can relate to the toilet humour, male traits and a passion for football, not the alcoholism however I do like a pint.

However, I love a good old session of putting the worlds to rights, list making, planning and maybe a drink or two while I do it.

Deb from Country Heart and Home came down for a night of doing just that on the decking after we had both encountered one issue after another. Every good night involves Stationary, Nibbles (olives a must) sweet treats and erm…….oooh, yes, Lemonade and Caffeine Free Lemonade, still missing something….The Rum..

girls night

Women really can be trouble when they are together, sending kids on secret missions and keeping the neighbours awake, but a good night is always had by all, of course that wasn’t us at all.

A week later we were out and about again as I accompanied Deb too Newcastle as the designated driver.

I am not the biggest fan of driving in Newcastle and predictably I got lost (even though I knew exactly where I was going), still we parked on the Quay side and more impressively for free.

The mission was to visit Mantra Thai to sample their Early Dining Menu.

After a trek up too the restaurant we had more than worked the calories off that we were about to consume and were welcomed but the lovely waiting staff and guided to our table upstairs. Everything is very authentic and it was encouraging to see how busy Mantra Thai was.


They have several different menus but the Early Dining Menu gives the option to have two courses for £15.95 per person.

You have a choice of the Starter or Vegetarian starter and each one comes with a selection of items that are very well presented.

While we waited for our starters we were presented with some crackers and a spicy dip to nibble on.


I chose the Vegetarian option which included a Vegetable Spring Roll, a Sweetcorn Cake, Butternut squash Tempura, a Golden Vegetable Parcel and Thai Pickled Vegetables with a Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.


There are five main course options for the meat eater, four out of the five choices are curry but of all different strengths. There are also a further two options for Vegetarians, both are curry.

I ordered the Roasted Duck Curry, which is served with steamed Jasmine rice.


The portion size was great, the meat was tender and the sauce was just right in spice for my palette.

The Early Dining Menu is great value for the portions and food that you get and if you are looking for a bite to eat before embarking out on town, or a meal on your way home from work, it is perfect.

I would love to visit again, but next time it would be to sample the Main Menu. The team were fantastic as was The Manager, I can not fault them for the attention they showed to us.

We said our thanks and moved on, and had a wander up the Quay Side on a mission for Pudding.

The Slug and Lettuce on The Quay Side not only do a Buy One get One Free offer on their desserts but also on their cocktails. So, it being rude not too, I enjoyed the Virgin Apple Mojito while Deb had the Porn Star Martini. I have to say the dessert options looked fab but our cocktails filled the void and we left content.



Calling at Tesco on the way back to the car, being the classy Geezer Bird that I am, I invested in two pink Magnums for us to enjoy on the way back to the car.

Two good nights had by us both and I can’t wait until the next time……


Back 2 Life….


My holiday is officially over and I am back to the keyboard to type it all up for you.

The last few weeks have been manic and I have so much to tell you, share and get your opinion on.

First and foremost I would like to update you on the Gorlins Syndrome stuff.

As you are all aware I have been advised to try the Erivedge Treatment. Anyone who likes my Facebook page will also be aware of the dilemma I faced a few weeks ago, however for those of you that don’t here is the dilemma I faced….

After deciding on a start date to commence the Erivedge Treatment I received to letters in the post. One was the confirmation from the Northern Centre for Cancer Care to confirm that I was indeed embarking on the Erivedge Treatment and the other was from the University Hospital of North Durham with a date for surgery to remove the BCC’s I currently have.

Now the dilemma comes from the fact that I want to get rid of the BCC’s I currently have, yes the Erivedge course may get rid of them but it could be months. When I get a BCC my mind takes over and I am not settled until it is gone. Here I am with 6+ and I have the opportunity to get rid of them, but I also have the opportunity to keep them at bay.

After consulting my Gorlins friends I decided that I would ask the team at the Freeman Hospital if they would be happy for me to have the surgery to remove the growths I currently have and then embark on the journey they are offering as a preventative rather than a cure.

Phone call made I awaited a reply and to my great relief my Oncologist is more than happy for me to do this.

Decision made I also decided that if I am going to start from scratch with no BCC’s it is vitally important that I uncover the areas that are hiding at least two BCC’s and get rid of this hair. As you all know the chances of me losing it when I start the treatment are high so I figure lets do this thing properly. Hair off before my pre consult for surgery and fingers crossed all the BCC’s are removed in one fell swoop.

How am I feeling? Well I am relieved to not be in two minds of which direction to take. I have been given the chance to take both options and that’s great. Not looking forward to the surgery, but then who would be? Also, I am apprehensive about the next new step. I am not a fan of new things, creature of habit springs to mind. All I can do is go with the flow and not worry about things I can’t control.

Anyway on a happier note, what have I got coming up over the next week for you to read about?

We have been so busy with days here, there and everywhere. Here are a few teasers for you:

Girly Night’s…..

girly nights

Date Night….

date night

Impromptu Family Day….

impromptu family day

Libby’s First Football Match…..


Results Day….


The Journey Across the Border….


Haven Holiday…..

haven holiday

Zoo Adventures…..


Kids in the Kitchen…..


Nothing beats a cup of tea….


I also have a few books to review for you, I will hopefully have an update on my college adventure for you (what a nightmare that is proving to be, yet again), a list of hospital visits and some exciting things coming up this week to also tell you about.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoy what I have to come over the next few days….

For now…