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Our Holiday was great but all good things come to an end and we were back to reality.

School started, Nursery began, we were back to exercise and dieting and we have had a busy few weeks.

I touched on it in my last post but Potty Success has been a major event since the beginning of September. Something just seem to click with Penny and she was off.


With the other two, as with Penny, I didn’t push them. I am from the school that believes they will do it when they are ready. This way there is no messing about with weeks and weeks of training. It took 48 hours for Regan and 72 hours with Libby. Penny is dry through the day at the minute but we are still covering all bases on a night but she is doing so well, even though she seems to prefer wearing pants on her head to the traditional way.

What else……..?

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that we are organising a Charity Event.


Caitlin had her hair cut for The Little Princess Trust earlier on in the year and Libby wanted to do the same.

The other week Libby asked about Cancer. It was a conversation that we were expecting to have sooner rather than later with us having Gorlins Syndrome. In as simple way as possible we explained to her what it was, the differing severities and the treatment that some people have to have. She seemed to take it all on board and when we sat down to start the planning for her big chop she said “Mum, I like the idea of sending my hair to be made for Little Princess Trust wigs but, please can we raise money for boys and girls that live near us with Cancer?”

Of course we could, we sat together and looked at the Cancer Charities close to home and she got it down too two. I will be doing a post over the next couple of days when I have spoken to both the charities and put a plan in place but we will be raising money for two North East based charities.

Toni and Guy have very kindly come forward and offered to give her the chop on Monday the 28th of November 2016 . I am so touched that they have offered and she is super excited about it. More to follow……


I have had the opportunity to do some reviews for some fabulous places, both along side Mark and Deb from Country Heart and Home, but also had a couple of girlie nights out.


One of those nights out was with two dear friends of mine. It is not very often we get the chance to go out, but we do try and aim for twice a year at least. Debbie is not only a dear friend but my sister in law and Lesley and I met through our sons being at school together before we moved up to Durham.

We planned to go for a meal and then for some drinks, getting the last bus home. As always it was a fantastic night, with a meal a La Spaghettata. The food and service is fantastic, I am yet to have a complaint about the restaurant.


We then did the rounds, we visited The Boat Club Bar, Bishops Mill, The Bishop Langley and The Fighting Cocks. Not intentional but it was the same route we always seem to follow. Cocktails, wine and a good natter ….you simply can’t beat it.


What else have we been up to?

Ooh Caitlins birthday happened……

Then Roald Dahl day saw a mad dash around looking for an outfit for Libby. She gave me a list of three characters she would dress up as. Veruca Salt, Sophie from The BFG or Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Off on a mission I went.

First stop was Sainsburys and imagine my delight when I found a brown corduroy dress in their clothes section. The dress came with a pair of cream tights and not only could she wear it again, but it was perfect for the cause.

I bought a jar from Wilko, along with some glitter and some Sharpie pens to make her a Dream Jar. Then trailed around looking for a pair of glasses that I could push the lenses out of to use. The last shop I went in to, Poundworld, had a vast selection and I found the ones she wore with one lens out already. The cashier kindly pointed out that there was a lens missing and I explained the cause to her, she gave me a funny look and carried on scanning. Anyway, she was over the moon with the final result and so was I…..


We have had a couple or roadtrips to find some Great North Snowdogs, we have been on the look out for these wonderful creations on our travels, so far we have only found two of them but we fell in love.

Great North Snowdog Tails of the Sea….


Great North Snowdog Dog on the Tyne….


and just because…..


What’s next…..

Ooh, there are the Tattoo’s. For quite sometime now I have been saving up to get another tattoo. I had six already, three of them questionable and very old but I was very keen to get another. Suppose it was kind of me reclaiming my body. I am limited to where I can have them due to the possibility that I will need grafts taken, but being able to have the areas they will not take grafts from tattooed is kind of my rebellion. As you all know my cousin designed me a fabulous tattoo, the intention is still to get that one done, but for now I was keeping my eyes open. So when Buzzin Guns in Durham posted on Facebook that they had  Alex, who was looking to do specific pieces, and I spied Lady and The Tramp…..I fell in love.


(This was the day it was done)

For a long while I have wanted to get something done for the kids, something for my Mum and something in memory of my Dad. I am not really sure why it took me sp long to come up with this idea, but it did. My Dad was renowned for singing at any opportunity he could, generally a bit of Rod Stewart, Kenny Rogers, Boyzone and so many more, however any night or occasion would inevitably end up with him warbling “Flower of Scotland”. I would go as far to say that most people would remember at least one occasion where he sang it.

It was the song that I chose to have played during his reflection time at his funeral and the whole Crematorium ended up singing along. Was very touching and will always stay with me…… Adam at Buzzin Guns did this one for me.


The plan was too have this one done in the new year, however I got a phone call from the hospital that quite simply pulled the carpet out from underneath my feet.


Two weeks ago I had an appointment with my Plastic Surgeon.

When I saw him in April I only had one BCC, but he said that he would see me again prior to surgery and reassess the situation, as he very much doubted I would only have one.

When I went in my surgeon was on holiday and it was one of his team that saw me. I have 13 areas that need removing. I spent an hour marking them up before I went and I have no doubt that the areas need to be removed. He was quite taken aback by the amount that I have.

When filling in the booking form for the surgery my surgeon told me he would allocate 2 hours for the surgery, on the pretense there would more than likely be more than one, he would provisionally book me in with a local anaesthetic that he could change to a general at anytime as i had would have a time slot in place to accomodate the extra needs involved.


When reality came I had been booked in for a 35 minute slot under a local anaesthetic. The gentleman that saw me explained that my surgeon was on holiday but he didn’t see a reason for it not to go ahead and to go for my pre op and photographs as planned,  if there was a problem they would be back in touch.


Now in the past this has happened and it has never been a problem.

Monday morning came around and I got a phone call, it was my consultants waiting list officer. She explained that he was cancelling my surgery as he wanted to see me in clinic himself. (In his letter to my GP in April he said he would see me again prior to surgery as he very much doubted I would have a singular BCC. Bearing in mind he insists on doing my surgeries himself, why would I be booked in when he was holiday?).

I then explained to her about the Erivedge, that I am due to start it on the 11th , and surgery had to happen otherwise I was going to have to again delay the Erivedge.

She was very apologetic but after speaking to him and explaining this he still cancelled my surgery. It was like someone had punched me in the stomach. I broke down on the phone and felt my inside crumble.

People tell me I am strong, and yeah I suppose I am but remaining so positive and strong requires so much energy, so much focus and support. I was mentally in the zone and prepared for the next few weeks. This brought be down to earth with a bang, I have spent the last few days feeling like I have hit a brick wall.

After coming off the phone on Monday I can honestly say, I have not felt that low in a very long time.

My Mum and Mark have worked hard between them to perk me up and keep me positive, bless them. With the help of my house of madness and those close I am back up and back in the zone. (Back on the Horse as they say)

As it stands I am seeing Plastics the week after next, awaiting a call back from The Freeman and I am considering another treatment option. Part of me reclaiming my composure was the second tattoo, like I say I was going to get it done anyway, and I had saved for it, so why not now?……

Another big help in perking me up was a night out with Deb of Country Heart and Home on Tuesday to celebrate her birthday. It took a lot of motivational talking from Mark to get me out but I needed it and once out had a lovely night. We had planned to go and see Bridget Jones Baby, but instead we decided to go for a meal.

Image result for bills restaurant durham

There are so many hidden corner type restaurants in Durham, Bills Restaurant, is not one I had ever seen. Having been a few days ago Deb was keen to try the Dinner Menu.

The atmosphere was lovely and the tables were nicely spaced out. The Menu was indeed impressive and very well priced. There is something for everyone on the Menu and I was very drawn in by the Healthier options.

We each had a cocktail, for me it was a “Ginger Smash”. (excuse the lipstick mark on the glass, I simply could not wait to have a try )


We decided to go all out and have three courses, after all we were in no rush and we were very comfortable and relaxed.

My starter was Crumbed Halloumi Sticks…


It was fabulous, really tasty and hit the spot.

We ordered another cocktail each, this time we got the same.


Our Main Course arrived, I ordered “Mojo Chicken Skewers” with a Side portion of “Sweet Potato Fries”.


Again delicious and really light on calories too.

We both left a little bit, but having sweet teeth we wanted to leave enough space for pudding.

Apple Tart, with salted caramel sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream


Very full and relaxed we paid the bill and wandered down to Ebony Champagne Bar.

We had a cocktail each in here, a Screwball and a Coconut Martini…


Autumn kicking in there was a nip in the air, was very impressed that Ebony supply blankets if you should choose to sit outside.

We mooched over the way to another lovely little cocktail bar, where I had a Love Hearts Cocktail, very pretty little bar with a gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tree in the middle of it.


After a visit to the The Fighting Cocks and a couple in Head of Steam we headed home.

Fab night with great company.

I think that brings us up to date with our little lives. We have had a busy few weeks indeed, I am surprised by the length of the post.

Oooh one more before I leave this epic update…

Mark and I had a lovely meal at La Spaghettata too last weekend. I keep talking about it so here is a couple of pictures for you to salivate over….


Details of the charity fundraiser are to follow, I wanted to get you all up to date on our little lives first though….as always thank you for reading….


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