Short and Sweet

Laid in a hospital bed on a Thursday morning isn’t how I imagined to be waking up today.

One of my many rules of life is too not have over night stays but needs must as I could barely stand up.

Surgery yesterday removed 13 suspected BCCs and I had one graft. One on my chest, one on my back and the rest head and face.

This post really is a shout out for the nursing team on the Day Surgery/Sort Stay Ward (Mainly because if I don’t do it now I will have forgotten names by the time I get home).

I have been attending this hospital for almost 20 years now but more regular in recent years. In that time I have come across some amazing members of the nursing team and they simply do not get enough recognition for the job they do.

In 2012 I came in for an op and had all the checks done followed by a pregnancy test. When it came back positive the operation was cancelled and a lovely nurse called Gemma looked after me. Turns out it was a false positive caused by a urinary tract infection. Since then Gemma has always made the effort to go out of her way to be part of my team at some point.

This time I have been lucky to have had three nurses and two health care assistants that I have been looked after before and this post is really just to say a massive THANK YOU to Gemma, Mel and Lee and also to Val and the other two lovely Health Care Assistants that looked after me during this stay ….. ooh and Chloe the student nurse too. You are a credit to your profession and knowing that I am coming in under your care makes my visits all the less traumatic and I would go as far as to say a pleasure. Every time you go above and beyond to look after me and for that I am eternally grateful.

That’s it really, just a thank you 🙂




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