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Since making the decision to stop having babies a few years ago, Mark and I have taken in every second of growing up that Penny has gone through. (Tempers, Tantrums, Giggles and so much more). However, one thing we have promised each other is that when she starts pre school in the New Year, we will start making more time for us, while she is there. One of the things we would like to do more of is have breakfast together.

We have the occasional breakfast treat and I have been lucky to be invited for a couple of amazing breakfasts over the last few months.

In the meantime (and long beyond I have no doubt) breakfast, to be honest food in general for me is a “grab and go” thing. I am also a snacker and that was a large contributor to my weight gain.

When I started slimming last year I became very used to having a couple of cereal bars for breakfast and when I moved over on to calorie counting I discovered the “Go Ahead” range.


There is quite an extensive range of Go Ahead products, well from when I first discovered the brand.

I was and still am quite addicted to the Go Ahead Crispy Slices.

Anyway enough about me……

The range of products includes ……

Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks come in five varieties. “Fab! Forest Fruit”, “Sassy! Strawberry”, “Radiant! Raspberry”, “Cute! Red Cherry” and “Totally! Tropical”.

img_0390 img_0391

They come with two biscuits in a pack and they are 146 kcal’s for each pack of two.

They are described by Go Ahead as “Yummy, light and crispy biscuits with fruit flavoured fillings, topped with a delicious yoghurty topping”. I think that pretty much sums them up.

I personally like to have them with a cup of tea whilst at work. Working from home you would think I have the kettle on standby, but the job I do requires my constant online attention for the shifts I work. I like to do a mini picnic for the shift, these along with the rest of the range are almost always present in some form.

Then you have Go Ahead Crispy Slices and they come in seven different varieties. “A-Peeling! Apple”, “Fab! Forest Fruit”, “Radiant! Raspberry”, “Ooh! Orange”, “Cute! Red Cherry”, “Blissful! Blueberry” and “Sassy! Strawberry”.


There are five packs of three crispy slices per pack and each pack of three comes in at 171 kcal’s.

I love these, they are my “normal” breakfast. My morning routine of tea, ironing, pack lunch making and general no sitting down as I am getting the kids ready, would not be complete without these to nibble on as I am doing so.

They are described by Go Ahead as “Light, crispy biscuits with a delicious fruit flavoured filling perfect to liven up your snack o’clock”.

Being Snack Smart while dieting or controlling my weight is essential. I really am a grazer and so are two of my children so finding a snack item that is tasty and not full of rubbish is a real find.

Go Ahead Fruity Bakes come in two flavours “A-Peeling! Apple” and “Sassy! Strawberry”.

img_0551 img_0444

There are six bakes per box coming in at 129 kcal’s for the Apple one and 133 kcal’s for the Strawberry ones.

If you have a sweet tooth like me then you will love these. Over the last couple of weeks following my surgery the last thing on my mind has been cooking and I have found these such a Grab and Go comfort when I hit my energy brick wall of an afternoon. I throw one in my bag and eat it while I am waiting for the kids coming out of school.

These are described as “Golden baked bars, filled with a yummy fruit flavoured filling to keep the munchies at bay”. The fruit filling has a really intense flavour leaving your sugar cravings very well satisfied.

Last but not least there are Go Ahead Cookie Bites.

These have become a favourite in our house over the last couple of weeks. They are now a “must” according to the kids as they are “Scrummy”. I had to fight to have a try of them and I can understand why they have gone down so well.

They come in two varieties, “Wow! White Chocolate and Raspberry” and “Cheeky! Chocolate and Orange”.


Little bags of biscuits, that come in a pack of six. Each bag comes in at 99 kcal’s for the Raspberry and 98 kcal’s for the Chocolate and Orange variety.

“Scrumptious, crunchy, mini cookies with choc chips and little bursts of fruity flavour that’ll blow your taste buds!”

They fit in a packed lunch perfectly and sit well in a midnight feast.

The Go Ahead range have a RRP of £1.99 across the range, which falls in to line with most other brands on the market. They are widely available. As a rule I alternate where I do my shopping (I get bored of the same products and aisles, shaking it up a bit keeps me interested) and most of the Supermarkets I use have some if not all of the ranges available.

Having now written about Go Ahead, I am now going to have a cup of tea, with my feet up before work and enjoy a Fruity Bake with it….until the next time…..


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