Katsu Curry


Mark is a dab hand in the kitchen, so when given the opportunity to review a curry making kit he jumped to the challenge.

The kit, from Yutaka, consisted of Panko (Japanese style breadcrumbs), Sushi Rice and Katsu Japanese Style Curry.

We are both quite partial to a good curry and love Japanese cuisine.

Working nights means that we rarely get the chance to sit and eat together so to have a meal together is a treat.

While I was at work last Saturday night, Mark set about cooking up a storm.

For instructions on how to make this curry you can pop over to the Yutaka website for a step by step guide.


The kit is easy to use and the only issue we had was down to our error.

The instructions are very easy to follow and the meal is ready in about 30 mins in total.


First up was the rice. Instructions tell you to add the rice to a bowl and rinse several times, draining in a sieve. The rice was put in a sieve and rinsed until the water was clear.

It was then added to a saucepan of water and was put on a simmer for 10 mins before leaving to stand for 20-30 mins.


The Chicken needed the addition of an egg and some plain flour.

First up, you have to trim and score the chicken and coat it in flour, then you dip it in egg and then finally in the breadcrumbs. Now the next bit is where we made an error.

We have a kitchen thermometer and Mark went to check the heat of the oil that you have to deep fry the Chicken in and realised that the battery had died in it. So the chicken was deep fried and then finished off in the oven. Ordinarily, it would be deep fried on each side until it floats. (In our case we deep fried until brown, drained and finished it off in the oven)


Then the sauce. You initially fry an onion until soft and then you add 800mls of water and the 100g block of sauce. That is brought to the boil and then allowed to simmer for 8 mins.

Then all being well you end up with something that looks a bit like this…..


I have to say the level of spice was just right for me, the chicken was lovely and so was the rice. It was a really delicious meal and something that we will certainly be investing in when shopping in the future (along with batteries for our thermometer).

For further ideas on how to cook Yutaka products or for recipes you can find them on Facebook, and Twitter.


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