How long will I get to keep them?


It may not seem like the best time of year to go talking about sunglasses but when I go out to get Regan from school at the minute the sun is so low in the sky that something had to be done.

I like a good bargain as we all know and I simply wanted something to keep the sun out of my eyes when I was driving.


Cheapass Sunglasses offer a great price and also a fast delivery considering they are not UK based.

I had a good browse over their website and found a few styles that I liked. Like any other shopping experience I could have quite easily have got carried away but I will save that for the spring.


They offer 1 PAIR for €8.95,  2 PAIR’s for €16 and then each PAIR after that for €6 each.

My order arrived within 7 days and were well packaged in a little box.


The only issue I am going to have, is keeping them for myself …….


To see more you can visit the website, or visit Cheapass Sunglasses on their social media pages….. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cheapass Sunglasses also have a wholesale site.

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